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Simply put, we’re your number one source for new disc information, tournament results and drama, player news and everything else disc golf related. We started a disc golf blog because disc golf is our passion. Like you, we eat, sleep and play disc golf. 

As a new disc golf blog, our goal is to provide our users with as much information and content that’s relevant to today’s ever expanding game of disc golf. Since the game’s accelerated growth in the summer of 2020, the need for new information is at an all time high. More players today are playing disc golf tournaments and leagues than ever before and manufacturers are sprinting to create new molds and plastics every week. That’s why we started our disc golf blog. It’s an opportunity for us to give back to the community that keeps us excited to play the game of disc golf, day in and day out. 

Our Disc Golf Content

There are many disc golf blogs out there with great content and we think that’s awesome. But at Birdie Blog, we want to provide players and enthusiasts with content filled with factual and useful text, coupled with videos and first hand accounts. Our Disc Library, offers a look into new and upcoming discs, as well as personal reviews on discs we think are great. Our Beginner’s Guide gives players of all levels looking to boost their game, insights into key skills needed to grow, while our Tournament Previews section is filled with course and tournament previews, players insights and recaps. 

What we think is really special about Birdie Blog is our Hub pages! We offer two, a Beginner’s Guide Hub and a Tournament Hub. These hub pages offer both information and the most relevant videos available on their subjects. This is something we really think sets up apart from other disc golf blogs. Thanks for visiting!

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