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2023 PDGA World Championships Preview: Ricky Wysocki

TL;DR: Ricky Wysocki has won 2 PDGA World Championships and 4 events held at Smugglers Notch. Will his Record at Smuggs be enough to hold off McBeth at the 2023 PDGA World Championships?

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2023 PDGA World Championships

There has never been more on the line than there is this year at the 2023 PDGA World Championships. If you have been a fan of the sport even for the first half of the season in 2023, the disc golf pro tour has exploded into one of the most competitive fields in any sport. With young pros taking down Majors and Elite Series like Gannon Buhr, Isaac Robinson and Adam Hammes, the margin for error when chasing victory has become molecular. With Eagle McMahon playing great disc golf and Paul Mcbeth back on the winning train, where does that leave Ricky Wysocki’s chances of taking home the 2023 PDGA World Championship title and his third worlds victory?

Ricky Wysocki PDGA World Championships Record

Wysocki Winning Worlds - Photo: Stu Mullenberg, The Flight Record
Photo: Stu Mullenberg, The Flight Record

Ricky has long been plagued by one thing at the PDGA World Championships. Paul McBeth. A similar analogy to Paul McBeth’s dominance over Ricky Wysocki could be Federer over Roddick. Roddick was the number one tennis player in the world, winning the 2003 US Open. But over his career, the American lost 7 Grand Slam Finals and Semifinals to Federer. Unlike the two tennis greats, Wysocki does have multiple wins over McBeth, including the two World Titles in 2016 and 2017, where Wysocki won by margins of 6 and 8 strokes, respectively. 


  1. 2016 – Emporia, Kansas. Runner Up: Paul McBeth
  2. 2017 – Augusta, Georgia. Runner Up: Paul McBeth

Runner Up:

  1. 2012 – Charlotte, North Carolina. Winner: Paul McBeth
  2. 2014 – Portland, Oregon. Winner: Paul McBeth
  3. 2015 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Winner: Paul McBeth
  4. 2019 – Peoria, Illinois. Winner: Paul McBeth

Ricky Wysocki’s Injury

2023 has been an unfortunate season for Ricky Wysocki, as he’s battled lyme’s disease for a majority of the year. In 2019, during a trip to Europe, Ricky was bitten by a tick and a few months later was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease. The two time world champ describes symptoms of not being able to walk and being bedridden for months at a time. In his 2023 season, Wysocki has struggled with injuries related to Lymes disease and has only played 6 events in his 2023 season. For comparison, Calvin Heimburg has played 11 events and Gannon Buhr has played 15. 

Ricky Wysocki Record at Smugglers Notch 

The 2023 PDGA World Championships held at Smugglers Notch will provide the perfect setting to challenge professional disc golfers on a multitude of shots, including tunnel shots, full out power drives and everything in between. Over the course of his career, Wysocki has been very successful at the Smugglers Notch disc golf courses, winning multiple events at the two courses. 

Ricky Wysocki has been downright dominant at Smugglers notch, winning 4 Green Mountain Championship events since 2014. His struggle at the 2023 PDGA World Championships will only come from his consistency at recent Worlds events. In 2022, he finished 11th and 2021 he placed 7th.   

Ricky Wysocki Top Finishes at Smugglers Notch:

  1. Winner: 2022 – Discraft Green Mountain Championships (McBeth 5th)
  2. Runner Up: 2021 – Discraft Green Mountain Championships (McBeth 3rd)
  3. Third Place: 2020 – Discraft Green Mountain Championships (McBeth 2nd)
  4. Ninth Place: 2018 – PDGA World Championships (McBeth 2nd)
  5. Third Place: 2017 – Discraft Green Mountain Championships (McBeth DNF)
  6. Winner: 2016 – Discraft Green Mountain Championships (McBeth T4)
  7. Winner: 2015 – Discraft Green Mountain Championships (McBeth Didn’t Play)
  8. Winner: 2014 – Prodigy Green Mountain Championships (McBeth Didn’t Play)


How Many World Championships Does Ricky Wysocki Have?

Wysocki has won two PDGA World Championships

Who Sponsors Ricky Wysocki?

Ricky Wysocki is currently sponsored by Dynamic Discs, being paid $1 million dollars a year.

Who Has the Most World Titles?

Ken Climo currently owns the record for the most Disc Golf World Championships, at 12.

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