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With the second disc golf tournament of the year in the books, we’d like to go over who we thought were the biggest stand-outs, dark horses and flops. Of course, big shout out to your MPO champion, Kyle Klein on his incredible chase card win on Sunday! This was perhaps the most competitive disc golf tournament in years.

WACO Annual Charity Open Winner 

Kyle Klein: Shooting a 1062 average round rating throughout the weekend in Texas, Kyle Klein did what most players were unable to do – he improved every single round he played. Starting with a nine under (1046 round rating), Klein found himself T9 after the first day of the disc golf tournament. Then on the second Klein again shot a nine under but bettered the field, giving him a 1058 round rating. On the third day, conditions cleared up and the Disc Golf Network commentators, Nate Doss and Terry Riley were both calling for at least a thirty under to win the tournament. Shooting the hot round for the tournament, playing from three strokes behind the leader, Klein shot a 1084 rated, thirteen under to best Adam Hammes with a birdie on hole 18.


Adam Hammes: Hammes, proved he was ready for this disc golf tournament by coming out firing, leading after two straight days. His average of a 1058 rating could have won multiple other pro tour events, but the rest of the field was too good. Had Hammes played a stronger front nine and salvaged at least one birdie from hole two through five, maybe this tournament would have had a different winner. Even with the ace on 8, it felt as though Hammes was playing from behind on the lead card all day. He’ll definitely be a winner in the years to come though! 

Cole Redalen: Similar to Klein, Redalen improved round by round and eventually averaged a 1055 player rating, ending him up in third with last disc golf tournament’s winner at LVC, Calvin Heimburg. Nate Doss called the kid’s game, “sick” multiple times, and we’d have to agree.

Kevin Jones: For two tournaments in a row, Kevin Jones has proved he’ll be in contention for the rest of the season. Shooting an average of 1052 round rating and improving every round, Kevin could have easily won the tournament if the field hadn’t played so well.

Dark Horses

Nate Sexton: Papa Nate, shooting a 1044 average round rating, played to a level many know the former USDGC champ to play at. Rocking an Oregan State Beavers polo, Nate started the final round with a birdie and nearly went boogie free until hole 18. We’re glad to see Nate on the course instead of the booth for Disc Golf Network!

James Proctor: It should come as no surprise that James Proctor has made the dark horse list. Although shooting a disappointing 1015 rated round on the final day of WACO, Proctor made it clear LVC wasn’t a one time event.


Ezra Aderhold: Playing one of the worst disc golf tournaments we’ve seen him maybe ever play on the pro tour, Aderhold went from 2nd place at LVC to 72nd on this past weekend. Shooting even on the first two days, Aderhold eventually shot a 7 under in perfect sunday conditions with a 1001 average round rating. 

Corey Ellis: Ending Waco 30 shots behind the leader, Kyle Klein, Corey Ellis might want to just forget this tournament completely. Shooting a 981 average rated round over the weekend, last year’s MVP Open runner up didn’t even show a glimpse of hope this disc golf tournament.

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