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All the New Discs for 2023 (so far…)

Birdie Blog gives you a rundown of the most important new PDGA legal discs for 2023. We’ve combed PDGA’s website for all the upcoming new disc golf discs releases so you don’t have to! From Innova and Discraft’s insanely overstable Juggernaut and Venom drivers, to Birdie, Discmania and Dynamic Discs battling overstable midranges’, 2023 will definitely be a year for awesome discs.


So far in 2023, Innova will be looking to add two completely opposing discs to their line-up. Their first new disc for this year is the Halo Juggernaut, introduced at this year’s LVC (Las Vegas Challenge) and thrown by Big Jerm and Double G. Both these players consistently drive over 500 ft on max distance throws and made mention to how stable this disc really is. The Alien is the opposite. If it’s anything like the Sonic (1/2/-4/0) this disc will be another catch frisbee, perfect for warm-ups and touchy approach shots.

  • Juggernaut – High Speed Driver 12 Speed. Like the Excalibur with less glide and more beef. 
  • Alien – Champion Sonic with a thicker flight plate. Taller but shallower.


Axiom is now following suit to Innova (Toro) and Latitude 64 (Savior) with the Tempo. The Tempo looks to be your “do-it-all” approach disc similar to a Zone or a Harp.

  • Tempo – Zone or a tactic or a harp


Birdie, out of New Castle, Delaware is Disc Golf’s new kid on the block. Debuting with the Marvel, released in 2022, Birdie has quickly made their mark on the game with previous sponsorships of Ricky Wysocki and Casey White. in fact, the Marvel was voted 2022’s Putter of the Year!

  • Weapon – Fairway driver.
  • Ultra – Overstable midrange – Like an MD5 (5/3/0/3) this disc will fill your, it’s too windy to throw my Hex and I don’t need to use my Justice, slot.


Hungry? Grab a Clash Disc. With discs like Butter, Popcorn and Mint, Clash now offers your bag the Spice. If your Ginger (9/4/0/2) just wasn’t stable or fast enough, you’ll be able to throw the Spice, a reliable 10 speed, according to Eric Oakley!

  • Spice – Further Flying Sexton Firebird, less overstable and mellower


Discmania is back for their upcoming year of newly molded original discs. Last year saw the addition of standbys’ like the DD3, PD, FD, FD3 and a handful of special editions for their touring players. This year, Discmania added S-line plastic to their offerings and also hinted that they’re creating a line-up of molds to be released in 2023. First up, the MD5, a classic, overstable mid-range similar to a Dynamic Discs Justice or Axiom Pyro.

  • MD5 – Overstable midrange (5/3/0/4) It looks like this disc will be offered in their new S-line plastic too!


If you’ve been following Discraft’s social media presence at all this off-season, then you’ll know that they’ve made some huge moves for their 2023 line-up. Namely, they’ve added Anthony Barela. AB’s style can be described in one word: Powerful. That’s where 2023’s retooled Venom comes in to play. This disc has been described as a further flying, more overstable Force.

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs has been pumping out sweet disc golf disc releases for a while now, especially since signing Ricky Wysocki last year. He’s already made his mark with signature discs like the Sockibomb Slammer, and is looking to do the same with the Sockibomb Felon. Plus, the Supreme plastic is arguably the best feeling plastic in the game!

  • Sockibomb Felon – Same disc, but flat and still overstable
  • Supreme Fugitive – Overstable midrange (5/3/0/4) in Supreme plastic. Another contender for that OS mid spot.

Hooligan Discs

What else is there to say about Hooligan other than that they came out of the gates fast in 2022. Drew Gibson immediately gravitated towards the Yeet and they sold nearly right away.

  • Cash – Putter. When compared to an Aviar, the Cash is a touch higher, with a similar rim depth. But, compared to a Luna, the Cash is equal in rim depth and diameter. But the real interesting fact is that it’s a putter of the year contender for 2023. Why? Looking at the PDGA numbers, the cash and the Birdie Marvel share many of the same numbers, plus or minus a millimeter or two.

Infinite Discs

Infinite has always produced stunning discs. From the Double G signature Emperor, the Eric Oakley Alpaca and the Joel Freeman Chariot, Infinite is one of the top disc golf disc brands out there. Similar to Millennium Discs, Innova Champion produces 100% of Infinite’s stock, even lending some mold’s to the lineup. (Exodus = Eagle L)

  • Raze – Putter. The Raze looks to be another awesome option to the Infinite line up. Not much information is out, but hopefully it’ll fall somewhere between your Tomb and your Alpaca.

Lonestar Discs

Lonestar: The team that took Nikko. And Burridge, and Keith and Deann Carey, and Lisa Fajkus. Started out of the pockets of an oil industry executive, Lonestar means business. They take pride in their plastic and it shows. The discs are beautiful and the line-up has grown fast. Since 2020, the company has produced 32 PDGA approved discs.

  • Benny – Putter. Based on Rim thickness. Not much is known, but compared to many putters, this disc matches the specs.
  • Harrier – Driver. Same as above for the Harrier but for drivers.

Millennium Discs

Growing ever more popular the better Vinny Buckets plays, Millennium Discs is a force to be reckoned with. The past two years have seen more and more players grabbing a Barsby Helio Scorpius or a Millenium Draco to add to their bag.

  • Vela – 2015 Flat Eagle X – Looking like a beefcake from the way Calvin Heimburg described this disc in his practice round during LVC. The Vela will come in Helio (Halo) and Quantum plastics for its first run.


Gannon tried to leave earlier this year because of disc quality. Maybe this disc was a way to say we hear you, and we’re trying. Probably not.

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