Axiom Plasma Envy Review

Axiom Plasma Envy: Quick Review

TL;DR: The Axiom Plasma Envy is an overstable throwing putter option for players who love the feel of the Envy but need an overstable finish.

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Axiom Plasma Envy Overview

The Axiom Plasma Envy is a flat, overstable putter with a stiff and grippy plastic. The Plasma plastic from Axiom is swirly and has a nice shine in the sunlight. The Axiom Envy was first PDGA approved in 2014, making it one of the oldest discs produced by Axiom. For our Axiom Plasma Envy review, we’ll compare the Plasma plastic to other plastics, the Envy’s flight path and its top characteristics. 

Axiom Plasma Plastic Review

Mentioned above, the Axiom Plasma Plastic reviewed as a grippy and stiff plastic. The Plasma plastic performed particularly well in heat, as the plastic had some give to it and became grippier the warmer the weather got. The only true downside to the Axiom Plasma Plastic was how it reacted to sweat. The disc felt very slippery in the hand with moisture. 

Axiom Plasma Plastic compared to Axiom Eclipse Glow Plastic in feel. Both plastics are stiff and offer a medium level of grip. The Axiom Eclipse Glow had a touch more give in the heat compared to Plasma Plastic. Obviously, the Plasma Plastic does not glow. 

Axiom Plasma Envy Review

In our Axiom Plasma Envy review, we found this version of the popular throwing putter to be more overstable than most Envy’s we’ve thrown but not aggressively overstable like the Neutron Soft Envy. The Axiom Plasma Envy fits right between an Electron Firm Envy and the Neutron Envy in regards to stability. 

On throws in our Axiom Plasma Envy review, we preferred putting the throwing putter on a straight, flat line and letting it hyzer forward to the target. On hyzer, this version of the Envy flew true and held a strong line. Wind didn’t effect the Plasma Envy much and the discs flight path usually stayed consistent in all conditions. 

On anhyzer, the Axiom Plasma Envy was able to handle a ton of power and hold a slow, panning line that would begin to straighten towards the end. If turning over your disc is a worry when throwing anhyzer, the Axiom Plasma Envy reviewed well as it had a strong enough amount of stability to not turn and burn. 

Axiom Plasma Envy Characteristics

Here’s how we reviewed the Axiom Plasma Envy on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

Hand Feel: 8

Aesthetic Look: 8

Disc Grip: 6

Flight Consistency: 8

Controllability: 7

Distance Potential (for a putter): 7

Ease of Use: 7

Overall Enjoyability: 7

Special thanks to our friends at Disc Golf Deals USA for providing us this Envy. Go check out their website to buy your very own Axiom Plasma Envy today!

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