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The Best Disc Golf Midrange Discs

The Midrange disc in disc golf is a type of disc that separates disc golf from ball golf. While one could say midranges are the equivalent of irons, our take is that speed five and six discs are in a category of their own when it comes to golf. Throwing a midrange can be for a controlled shot or it could be for a powerful open shot where theres open space for putting some height on the disc. A disc golf midrange is a special disc and can make or break your bag if you’re not equipped with the right discs. 

What Makes a Great Midrange?

A great midrange disc is one that handles any line you throw at it, while still being able to fly far. A great midrange disc golf disc should be able to handle torque but fly true to the intended line. Take for example the Discraft Buzzz. This disc is a do it all disc that is straight to stable and has the ability to even hold anhyzer turnover lines. Then there’s the Discmania Mindbender MD1, a disc that might be a bit less stable than the Discraft Buzzz, but flips to flat well and glides for ever. 

Choosing the Best Midrange for Your Game

Disc selection is personal and there is not disc right for everyone. Midranges should be held to that same rule and luckily there are many molds from various manufacturers to choose from. If you throw with a bit of an anhyzer release, choosing something a bit more stable, such as an Innova Gator or Dynamic Discs Justice may suit you. If a hyzer flip is your go to style, choosing an understable disc like the Kastaplast Svea or Innova Leopard would be excellent choices.