Discraft In the Bag

This page is for all things Discraft, in the bag disc golf. From Chris Dickerson’s most recent Disc Golf in the bag video or the new 2023 Anthony Barela bag check, Birdie blog is the source for Discraft pros in the bag. 

Disc Golf Pros in the Bag

Why is it important to learn about professional disc selection? Seeing what discs pros are bagging is key to learning the fundamentals of what a solid disc golf disc selection looks like. Not only are disc golf in the bag videos educational, but for disc golf disc collectors, it can exciting to see what discs professionals are throwing.

Compare Your Own Disc Golf Bag

When watching these videos, have your disc golf bag at your side and compare your current discs to what your favorite pros are throwing. Do they throw more understable or overstable molds? Are they bagging more or less discs than you? Then after watching these disc golf in the bag videos, see if there are any adjustments you need to make.