Disc Golf Hyzer Shots

The Disc Golf Hyzer is one of the most crucial and common lines in all of the sport. From the hyzer flip to a spike hyzer, learning this shot will not only improve your game, but it will add variety and many more “shots” to your bag. 

Hyzer Flip

The Hyzer Flip is a shot that requires finesse, power control and the right disc selection. The disc golf hyzer flip is a shot that flips the disc out of hyzer to flat. After the disc has flipped up, depending on the amount of power or the disc the player has selected, the disc will turn or fade back. The hyzer flip is a perfect shot for wooded courses or tight gaps.

Spike Hyzer

The Spike Hyzer is almost the opposite of the hyzer flip. Instead of trying to flip the disc over, the player will intentionally choose a more stable disc and throw the disc high into the air, attempting to “spike” the disc at their target.