Jeremy Koling Forehand

Disc Golf Hyzer Forehand

The Disc Golf Hyzer Forehand is a need to know, crucial shot in disc golf. Throwing hyzer with your forehand gives you easy access to power and lines to shots previously unavailable without a serviceable forehand.

Forehand Vs. Backhand Hyzer

The main difference between these two shots is the side you throw them from. Backhand hyzers will fade to the left (for right handed players) and forehand hyzers will fade to the right. Both shots have equal advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. 

Disc Selection

Throwing a hyzer on forehand is a challenge without the correct disc in your hands. In many cases, the forehand imparts more spin on the disc, causing a higher amount of torque on the disc. This means that when throwing a forehand hyzer, the player usually should choose a more stable disc but that is not always the case. In fact, many professionals advocate for learning to throw a forehand hyzer with an understable disc, like the Innova Sidewinder, to learn control.