Paige Pierce

PDGA Tournament Rules

Birdie Blog gives you the definitive guide to playing your first tournament and the PDGA tournament rules you’ll need to know during match play. From using your mini, finding a lost disc and scoring, you’ll be prepared to score well and be confident from round one to the final the strokes. 

PDGA Tournament Rules: Quick Tips

  • Using your mini:
    •  minis are like ball markers for disc golf. It’s a miniature disc placed in front of your disc to both mark you lie and pick up your disc. 
  • Foot Faults
    • When putting, if your feet fall in front of your lie or move from your position before the disc finishes its flight, you’re called for a foot fault. When throwing, if your feet step on your disc or are too far away from the mini or disc, then you’ve foot faulted and may end up with an penalty stroke. 
  • Equipment
    • Every disc you throw must be marked.  This means your discs must be uniquely marked for identification purposes.
  • The Circle
    • When putting, there is a 33 foot circle surrounding the basket. If you are inside, your back foot must remain behind your lie when putting. If it lands over the disc before the disc is finished its flight, that’s a foot fault. If you’re outside of the circle, you can “jump” when putting and the foot can land in front of the marker before the disc finishes its full flight.
  • Order of Play
    • The order of play is determined by who scored the lowest on the previous hole and players throw continuing on the lowest score.

Playing in Your First Tournament or Rated Disc Golf Round

  • Here are a handful of PDGA tournament rules to get you started before your first official disc golf round. Many of these rules may seem complicated or intimidating but always remember, your card mates are there to help, and if you have a question or concern before your throw, stop and ask. Playing a tournament is fun and the PDGA tournament rules are put in place to keep the game fair and to add necessary structure to rated disc golf round.