Ezra Aderhold Throwing a Nuke

Throwing Discs Farther

Everyone wants to throw their discs far. And then they want to throw them farther. Birdie gives you easy access to the foremost power throwers in disc golf today so you can throw your discs farther. We go over Disc Selection, backhand distance form, and distance line control. 

How to Throw Farther: Quick Tips

  1. Footwork
  2. Reach Back
  3. Good Posture
  4. Timing
  5. Relaxed Arm
  6. Follow Through

Disc Selection

Most players looking to max out their distance will usually grab a distance driver, such as the Discraft Venom. In theory, grabbing a disc with the highest potential speed rating, makes sense. The further you want to get the disc to fly the faster the disc, right? Depending on your skill level and current distance max point, choosing a disc that “flies the best” out of your hand may be the best way to throw farther. How can you find that out?

  1. Start Slow
    1. Try a putter only round or two and truly max out your putters. Often a disc golf putter will show you flaws fast and will allow you to correct your form faster than a distance driver might. 
  2. Work Your Way Up
    1. Learn your bag and your discs. Throwing fast discs far won’t happen overnight, so get comfortable throwing all your discs to their maximum potential. You’ll be surprised how far you actually can throw a midrange
  3. Check Your Distance
    1. If You’re throwing your fairway drivers, like a Vela, farther than a wraith or Destroyer, maybe it’s time to go back to the field and work on your form. Disc down until you’re confident and then pick up your drivers and try again. 
  4. Practice, practice and practice.
    1. never stop practicing. 

Backhand Distance Form

Backhand distance form is like a magical key that everyone outside of the 500 foot club is looking for. Throwing far requires multiple things such as: athleticism, flexibility and excellent timing but it’s something everyone can work towards. Learning how to throw far and honing in your backhand distance form takes time. We suggest taking a look at some of the videos below to truly maximize your backhand potential. 

Distance Line Control

Plenty ofg pros with excellent bachand distance form also have great backhand distance line control. What does that mean? Bakchand distance line control is the ability to fine the best angle for your disc to fly on to maximize its distance potential for any given shot. Essentially, distance line control is taking the most out of what the course allows you. Try looking at it this way:

  1. Consider the Path to Your Target
    1. How is the path to your target shaped? If the course is open and the target is far away, a flip up flex line might be the best line or even a straight up sky anhyzer flex line.
  2. What is the Wind
    1. Distance line control means throwing your disc on a line that gets your disc going far while also agreeing with the wind. If you’ve got a headwind, your line and shot shape change along with your disc selection. If you’ve got a tailwind, your shape changes also, and choosing a more understable disc may suit your shot better.