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Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers of 2023

TL;DR: We name our top 10 favorite Distance Drivers of 2023 for all skill levels. From the Discraft Nuke to the Delirium, our guide gives you all the information you need to pick your new favorite driver!

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The Best Distance Drivers of 2023: Quick list

Birdie Blog names our picks for the best disc golf distance drivers of 2023! We took a look at drivers from all the top brands and walk you through the best 11 speed and up discs for this year. 

  1. Discraft Nuke 
  2. Prodigy D3
  3. Innova Destroyer
  4. Latitude 64 Rive
  5. Discraft Venom
  6. MVP Zenith
  7. Discmania DD3
  8. Millennium Scorpius
  9. Infinite Emperor
  10. Axiom Delirium
  1. Discraft Nuke (13/5/-1/3)

The Discraft Nuke ranks as one of the best disc golf distance drivers of 2023 because of its versatility, plastic variety and all in all consistency. Many Discraft players bag multiple Nukes, and for good reason. The disc bombs with relative ease, even for players with slower arm speed. 

Our Favorite Plastics: Ti, Stock ESP and Stock Z.

  1. Prodigy D3 (12/6/-3/2) 

The Prodigy D3 makes the list simply due to its easy flight and surprising versatility in many situations. While rated as slightly understable, the prodigy D3 flies like a max distance, well beaten in fairway driver. It’s workable and powerful. 

Our Favorite Plastics: 400

  1. Innova Destroyer (12/5/-1/3)

What else needs to be said other than Innova Destroyer. The most popular disc of all time, the Destroyer was an easy choice for the best disc golf distance drivers of 2023 list. With a variety of plastics to choose from, everyone who’s on Innova or mixed bag, likely has more than one or two destroyers in their bag. 

Our Favorite Plastics: Halo, Star

  1. Latitude 64 Rive (13/5/0/3.5) 

Described as an easier to throw Discraft Venom, the Latitude 64 Rive has made nearly every trilogy players bag, like Ricky Wysocki, Matt Orum and Tristan Tanner. Coming in at a variety of plastics, this distance driver can be beaten in to a fairly stable workhorse driver or can be a durable meathook for those looking for something trustworthy in all winds.

Our Favorite Plastics: Royal Gran, Orbit Royal Grand

  1. Discraft Venom (13/5/0/3) 

Retooled for 2023, the Discraft Venom was one of the most hyped disc golf distance drivers for 2023. Based off an original Discraft mold, the newly revamped Venom went straight into the bags of players like Anthony Barela and Brodie Smith. Check out review of the disc out, here!

Our Favorite Plastics: ESP

  1. MVP Zenith (11/5/-.5/2)

MVP makes a lot of awesome discs. Take for example the Tesla, the Nomad, and the Terra. But the cutting edge brand also makes great distance distance drivers like the Zenith. One of World Champion James Conrad’s signature discs, the Terra comes in as a slightly more neutral Wraith with the classic MVP flight and feel.

Our Favorite Plastics: Plasma, Neutron

  1. Discmania DD3 (12/5/-1/3)

Following the trend of retooling classic distance drivers for 2023, Discmania has finally brought back the DD3 in all flavors this year. Starting with Italian Blend C-line, the Swedish Manufacturer now offers the classic Destroyer fighter in S-line and Horizon. The DD3 is one of the best disc golf distance drivers for 2023 simply based on its workability and consistent far flying ability. 

Our Favorite Plastics: Horizon, S-line

  1. Millennium Scorpius (13/4/-1/3)

If you love far flying discs then the Millennium Scorpius is for you! Coming in a variety of plastics and runs, the Scorpius is a hyper far flying Destroyer like disc thats both affordable and fun to throw. 

Our Favorite Plastics: Sirius, Lunar

  1. Infinite Emperor (12/5/-1/2.5)

Produced by Innova, the Infinite Emperor is another Destroyer fighter with the distance of a farther flying distance driver and the workability of a Wraith or a Zenith. 

Our Favorite Plastics: Swirly S-Blend, Luster C-Blend

  1. Axiom Delirium (14.5/5/-.5/3)

By far the fastest distance driver in this list, the Axiom Delirium makes our list off the sheer hype caused by a one, Simon Lizotte. The disc is beefy and unusable without a fast arm but feels absolutely wonderful in the hand. 

Our Favorite Plastics: Neutron


What is a Distance Driver in Disc Golf?

A distance driver typically has a wide rim and shallow profile, allowing the player to throw further depending on their skill level.

How Heavy Should My Distance Driver be?

Distance Drivers typically weigh in the mid-160 Gram to high 170 Gram range depending on the type of shot needed. Forehands may require a lighter distance driver, where backhand drives into wind need higher weight distance drivers.

What Distance Driver Does Paul Mcbeth Use?

Paul Mcbeth typically throws a Discraft Zeus and Force.

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