Can A.I. Pick The 2023 USDGC Winner?

TL;DR: A.I. is the worst place to ask for up to date Professional Disc Golf Information as it pulls from September 2021 as it’s latest data source. ChatGPT won’t help us pick this years USDGC winner.

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*Disclaimer: all of the questions were asked in real time as the article was being written.

Can A.I. Choose Who Wins in Disc Golf 

This article comes on the heels of our other Disc Golf A.I. article where we used ChatGPT to help us design a super overstable disc. If you haven’t taken a look at that article yet, the A.I. model was fairly successful and was able to essentially deliver on everything we asked. 

But asking A.I. to design a disc golf disc was only the tip of the iceberg for us. In that article, A.I. was able to use the basic disc golf disc design principles found on the PDGA website to mimic what we were asking. For this article, we want A.I. to use historic data to create a statistical probability of who will win the 2023 USDGC. 

The 2023 PDGA tour has been exciting and a bit all over the place. With Isaac Robinson taking down two majors (one of them being the Worlds title), McBeth injured and struggling in the US, Ricky not as dominant in previous seasons and many other young players taking titles down, this season has been unpredictable. Will ChatGPT simply choose Calvin as he’s the number one player in the world? Or will it put a previous USDGC winner on top like Gannon Buhr?

How to Ask A.I. to Choose the United States Disc Golf Champion

Gannon Buhr 2022 USDGC Champion

While A.I. is “all-knowing” it was important for us to establish a level of trust by asking it a few questions of the top to make sure it knew what it was talking about:

BB: Where is the USDGC Held?

AI: The United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC) is typically held at the Winthrop Gold Course, which is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This championship is one of the most prestigious disc golf tournaments in the United States and is known for its challenging course and competitive field of players. Please note that event locations can change from year to year, so it’s a good idea to check the official USDGC website or other reliable sources for the most up-to-date information on the tournament’s location.

BB: Who Won the 2022 USDGC?

AI: I apologize, but my knowledge only goes up until September 2021, and I do not have information on events or results that occurred after that date. To find out the winner of the 2022 United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC), I recommend checking the official USDGC website, reputable disc golf news sources, or online sports news outlets for the most current and up-to-date information on the tournament results.

Yikes… Our first road block. ChatGPT can’t pull data for dates beyond September 2021. So how can we expect A.I. to make a decision for this years USDGC? Maybe there’s a work around here.

ChatGPT’s Lack of Historical Disc Golf Data

BB: Did Gannon Buhr win the 2022 USDGC?

AI: I’m sorry, but I don’t have access to information on events or results that occurred after my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021. To find out if Gannon Buhr won the 2022 United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC), I recommend checking official disc golf tournament websites, reputable sports news sources, or disc golf community forums for the most up-to-date information on tournament results.

Well, sadly, A.I. can’t pull disc golf data beyond September 2021 so it’s probably not a good idea to ask it who will win this years USDGC. That being said, let’s see what it thinks just for fun.

BB: Based off of statistical probability, who will win the 2023 USDGC?

A.I: It’s important to note that predicting the winner of a sporting event like the 2023 United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC) based solely on statistical probability is extremely challenging and not reliable. Many factors can influence the outcome of a tournament, including the skill, form, and performance of the participating players, course conditions, weather, and more.

Statistical models for predicting sports outcomes typically require a substantial amount of historical data and complex analysis to be even remotely accurate, and they still often cannot account for unpredictable variables. Even then, they can only provide probabilities and not certainties.

To find out who might be considered a top contender for the 2023 USDGC, you can look at the current rankings, recent tournament performance, and player statistics. However, the actual outcome of the event will remain uncertain until it takes place, and the results are determined on the course.

Great, nevermind. A.I. won’t help anyone win any bets this year.

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