2023 Discs

Loft silicone

Loft Silicon: Quick Review

The Loft Silicon is a very new disc to come out of the Danish Manufacturer, being officially PDGA approved in May of 2022. It’s the first midrange to come from Loft and sports 5/4/0/3 as its flight numbers, making the Silicon a very overstable midrange. Currently, the Silicon is only offered in α-Solid plastic with hopefully more blends to come in the future. 

Discmania DD

Upcoming Discs: The New Discmania DD

On June 5th, 2023, Discmania received official approval from the PDGA for the new, reinvented DD. The Discmania DD was Discmania’s first distance driver they ever produced. It preceded all other “DD” molds like the DD2, DD3, DDX and so on. The DD has the flight numbers of 11/5/0/2, very similar to the new DD1 Discmania released in 2022, which has the flight numbers of 11/5/-1/2. 

PDGA Approved Kastaplast Berg X

The Kastaplast Berg X is Coming

The Kastaplast Berg X was just approved by the PDGA today, May 22nd, 2023. While flight numbers haven’t been released, we can only assume that the Berg X will be following suit with the Discraft Zone OS, Venom, Innova Juggernaut and other extra-overstable discs released this year.