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Losing Weight Playing Disc Golf

Can Disc Golf Help You Lose Weight?

Burning calories playing sports is the easiest and most fun way to stay healthy and lose weight. Playing disc golf is no exception and offers a healthy option to those who love nature and walking outdoors. A round of disc golf often involves miles of walking, full body movement on throws and mental stimulation. It’s a great way to lose weight outdoors. 

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Why Your Discs Hyzer Too Early

There are many reasons to get upset when playing disc golf, but none more frustrating to the player trying to throw far than seeing their disc hyzer too early. When your disc hyzers too early, losing all of its power and falling well before your target, there are more than a number of reasons this could be happening. In this article we’ll go over the reasons your discs end up hyzering too early and some of the ways to prevent this.