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Disc Golf Auctions

Disc golf has gained immense popularity in recent years, and the demand for unique and hard to find discs has skyrocketed. While many disc golf companies are producing more discs than ever, there is a large portion of the community buying off disc golf auction websites.

What are the disc golf auction sites?

  • Dollar Disc Golf Auctions on Facebook, R/DiscExchange on Reddit and Ebay.

What do these sites offer?

  • Dollar Disc Golf Auction offers a platform for buyers to bid on discs set for auction by other users. The disc golf auction website is perhaps the only dedicated disc auction site, as the last bid that holds for 24 hours wins the disc. 
  • Ebay is a great place to find exactly what you’re looking for. The real difference between Ebay and Dollar Disc Golf Auctions is that Ebay charges fees for sellers and users can “search” for the exact disc they’re looking for. 
  • doesn’t utilize bidding on the platform but rather allows sellers to list their discs in a post, looking for trades, cash or other means of sale. Users can filter by flair, or what the seller is looking for, to narrow down their search.

Disc Golf Auction Terms

  • When buying or bidding discs, especially outside of Ebay, the rules may not seem so clearcut at first. Here are a handful of terms you may run into:
    • BIN – Buy It Now: this is a way for the seller to offer the disc outside of auction at a price they’d like to get for the disc. It may be higher than what the disc could go at auction but if the buyer wants the disc, it allows them to forgo the risk of bidding at auction.
    • CONUS – Continental United States: Basically, the seller is only shipping to the 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. 
    • Bump – When participating in a disc golf auction on Facebook, you’ll often see comments with just the term “bump” – With every new comment on an auction, the post gets “bumped” to the top of the page. Admins of Dollar Disc Golf Auctions usually allow handful of bumps a day. 
    • Stack – A stack is a “stack” of discs, meaning that the seller is offloading numerous discs for sale. This is common on Reddit’s Disc Exchange. 
    • Sleepy Scale – The Sleepy Scale is a term to describe the discs condition. If a disc has been untouched and is still in its plastic bag, then it may be deemed a 10/10. Often, new discs has some type of storage wear and are usually marked 9/10. Sellers will also have to mention if the disc has ink or not and signatures from professionals most of the time actually lower the value of the disc.


Is Disc Golf a Cheap Sport?

Compared to “ball” golf, disc golf is exceptionally low cost, offering players the opportunity to buy a starter set for under $30 and a visit to their local state park for only $5.

What are the Most Expensive Discs?

Some of the most expensive discs are the First Run Kastaplast Berg, 2015 Nate Sexton Firebird and the McPro Aviar stamped Destroyer.

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