Discmania Quiz

Discmania Quiz

Our disc golf quiz on the history and present of Discmania is both fun and challenging! Test out your Discmania knowledge below! Click here to head back to the rest of our disc golf quizzes!

#1. What was Discmania's First Ever Disc?

#2. Who Founded Discmania

#3. What Discmania Disc is Nicknamed "the Freak"?

#4. What was Simon Lizottes Last Ever Signature Series Midrange Called?

#5. What is Discmania's "Halo" style of Plastic Called?

#6. Where are Discmania "Originals" Currently Manufactured?

#7. Which Brand Formerly Manufactured Discmania Discs?

#8. What are the Flight Numbers of a Discmania PD2?

#9. What was Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon's Nickname on Team Discmania?

#10. What is Signature Team Member, Casey White's Hometown?

#11. What was the Sensei's Original Name?

#12. What is Discmania's Most Stable Driver?

#13. What Year was Discmania Founded?

#14. What Year did Avery Jenkins Win his World Championship?

#15. What is the Name of Kyle Klein's Signature Meta Origin?