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Innova is the oldest and most well known disc golf disc manufacturer in the world. Founded as the technological beacon for other manufacturers to look up to, Innova has developed global best selling discs such as: the Eagle, the Destroyer, the Aviar, The Roc and many more. Innova sponsors professional players and world champions like Juliana Korver, Jeremy Koling, Calvin Heimburg, Ken Climo, Jennifer Allen and Nate Sexton. Take our disc golf quiz below to see how well you know Innova!

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#1. When was Innova Founded?

#2. What was the First disc Released from Innova Discs?

#3. What Patent # established INNOVA as the technological pacesetter in Disc Golf.

#4. Who Founded Innova?

#5. Which State was Innova Founded in?

#6. What Do the Initials KC mean in KC-Pro Plastic?

#7. What do the Initials JK stand for in JK-Pro Plastic?

#8. True or False. The Aviar was PDGA Approved Before the Roc.

#9. The Polecat was PDGA Approved this Year

#10. What Kind of Disc is the Innova Scorpion?

#11. This Disc was Calvin Heimburg's Signature Driver in 2019

#12. This Innova Sponsored Player Sells Beef Jerky

#13. This TV Chef was Sponsored by Innova in 2016

#14. Infinite Discs Sold this Disc More Than Any Other in 2021

#15. Bradley Williams 2022 Tour Series Disc was What?

#16. What Disc did James Conrad Refer to as "Greenie"?

#17. Which Disc is Faster by Speed Rating?

#18. Which Innova Disc Sports These Flight Numbers: 8/6/-4/1

#19. In this year, 6 CE Plastic discs (CE Eagle, CE Leopard, CE Valkyrie...etc) were PDGA Approved

#20. This Game of Thrones Character is Sponsored by Innova in Real Life

#21. This Discs Artwork Resembles the Skeleton of the Roc Character



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