Blue Ribbon Pines Course

2023 UDisc Top 100 Courses Quiz

Think you know disc golf courses? Try our disc golf quiz to see how well you really know all of the top #100 disc golf courses in the world. From Finland, to Vermont, all the way to Santa Cruz California there are so many good courses in the world to play or watch professionals play on. Check out the rest of our disc golf quizzes, here!

Excited for the 2023 PDGA World Championships held at Smugglers Notch, VT? Read our breakdown of the courses, here!


#1. What is the #1 Ranked Course in the World?

#2. Which State Has the Most Top #100 Courses?

#3. How Many Courses in the Top 100 are Pay to Play or Require Parks Admission?

#4. The #11 Rated Course in the World, W.R. Jackson, Currently Holds this Major Event

#5. Which Professional Player Most Recently Won a World Title at #33 ranked, The Fort?

#6. Who Designed and Owns #34, Airborn Disc Golf Preserve: Timberwolf?

#7. This Course is the Highest Ranked Canadian Course in the World at #13

#8. In 2011, a round of the MPO World Championships was Played at the 49th Ranked Course Named:

#9. Paul McBeth won his First World Title here, Where the #86 Course was Played on the Final Day

#10. The #5 Course is the Top Course in Idaho

#11. #2 is the Top Course in Europe

#12. Who Designed Both #4 Brewsters Ridge and #7 Fox Run Meadows?

#13. Paul McBeth Aced this Hole During a Tournament in 2020 at the #1 Course in the World

#14. Does Maple Hill Allow Dogs?

#15. Jarva Discgolf Park Uses this Manufacturer's Baskets