Discmania MD vs. MD1 Comparison

Discmania MD vs. MD1 Comparison

TL;DR: The Discmania MD and MD1 are perfect companion discs. They both fly straight and they both can fly on any line you put them on but the new MD1 flies and glides further.

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Discmania MD vs. MD1 Overview

While an MD vs. MD1 comparison may seem like comparing apples and oranges to many, we think it’s an important topic to cover as the discs do share many characteristics. The discs are both straight as an arrow, provide a ton of extra glide over many other neutral midrange discs and both have a low profile. In this article we hope to cover the ins and outs of the Discmania MD and MD1 so you can have a better understanding of how both discs might fit in your bag.

Discmania MD vs. MD1 Feel and Shape

MD vs. MD1 Profile

The Discmania MD and MD1 both are low profile midrange discs with shallow rims that feel great in the hand. The MD has a slightly sharper angled rim and a bit more dome. The new MD1 is fairly flat and fills the hand a bit more. The discs generally feel the same in the hand with the Discmania MD feeling more like a large putter compared to the MD1. 

Discmania MD1 Review

Discmania MD1 Mindbender

The reinvented Discmania MD1 reached Discraft Buzzz levels of hype last year after the Metal Flake Mindbender release in the summer. It seemed like every player wanted to throw Simon Lines, ditching their trusty Compasses and Rocs for the new Discmania midrange. It’s easy to see why. The Discmania MD1 is a trusty, straight flying disc that dependably flies on any line you put it on and glides for days.

Basics: The MD1’s flight numbers come in at 5/6/0/0. The disc has a glide of 6 and we found this number to be true in testing. For comparison the MD1 has more glide than a Buzzz (4), a Truth (5) and a Roc (4.) We found this important in noting the disc’s standout capabilities which coupled nicely with its easy maneuverability in nearly all situations. 

Flight: The Discmania MD1 flight path was most similar to a fairway driver. A good comparison to the MD1 would be the Axiom Crave, Latitude 64 River or Discmania FD. The reason we found the MD1 to fly more like a fairway was due to the glide factor noted above. This is where the MD vs. MD1 comparison made a lot of sense for us. The MD1 out glides most discs and in testing, the largest differentiator of the two discs was the full flight of the discs. 

The Discmania MD1 has a straight to neutral flight path and holds nearly all lines you throw it on. The MD1, tested in the Metal Flake Mindbender mold is maneuverable through tight wooded lines and is able to be thrown far in open fairways. There’s a reason Discmania dubbed this disc the Midrange Driver when it first came out in 2006. The high glide, coupled with the discs neutral flight means that the MD1 flies straight and far. We love throwing this disc on drives where the distance needed was 300 to 325 feet. 

Discmania MD Review

Discmania MD

Basics: The Discmania MD is sadly discontinued and is hard to come by. Simon Lizotte bagged and threw the MD in his 2022 season before he was signed to MVP. The disc essentially acted as a companion to the old MD1 and MD2 when it was released in 2015. Discmania said, “The MD is the numberless child of the our Originals midrange family.” and “The MD’s ergonomic rim resembles the popular MD2, but while the MD2 has a micro bead and a concave lower rim, the MD features a convex lower rim and no bead.”

Flight: The disc is extremely straight, even at the end of the flight. The numbers of the Discmania MD are 4/5/0/0 which is very similar to the new MD1. Our take on the MD vs. MD1 comparison is that the MD flies more akin to a putter where the MD1 flies more like a midrange/fairway driver. The MD can handle all of the same angles of the MD1 but slows down just a bit more than the new MD1, which wants to continue gliding. 

Discmania MD vs. MD1 Conclusion

The Discmania MD and MD1 are like identical twins if one of the twins was six inches shorter. They both are low profile midrange discs and they both glide far and fly straight. The only difference between the MD and MD1 is how far you want to throw the disc. The new Discmania MD1 is popular for a reason. The disc can glide far and handle power or controlled finesse. Hopefully in the near future Discmania can release the MD again as we believe the disc is a perfect companion to the farther flying MD1.

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