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Discmania PD: Quick Review

TL;DR: The Discmania PD is an overstable, controllable driver. We compare the Innova Made PD with the new Discmania made PD and look at which you should bag.

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Discmania PD Review

The Discmania PD is one of the all time great discs to ever come out, up there in notoriety with the Innova Thunderbird and Discraft Zone. The PD (Freak, Power Driver) was officially approved by the PDGA in 2008 and was Discmania’s 5th ever disc to be released. The PD, originally manufactured by Innova was reapproved in 2021 and is now manufactured by Discmania in Sweden. Here is a list of PD variations that have come out over time.

  1. Stock Innova Made PD (Multiple Plastics)
  2. 10 Year Anniversary Freak X
  3. Avery Jenkins Dark Maul 1 and 2
  4. Colton Montgomery Lone Howl (1,2 and 3)
  5. Niklas Anttila Nordic Phenom 
  6. Stick Discmania Made PD (C-line and S-line)

Innova Made PD vs. Discmania Made PD

In recent years, Discmania has able to dial up their production in Sweden, producing more variations of plastics and more molds than ever before. The goal for Discmania when moving away from being manufactured in Innova factories was to control the quality and quantity of discs produced. Within Discmania and PD enthusiasts alike there are two camps: Those who prefer Innova Made Discmania discs and those who prefer the new, Discmania Originals line.

Comparing Innova made PD’s with Discmania PD’s is difficult as all runs have slight variations in flight path and feel. For example, comparing the new Discmania C-line PD with an old Innova C-line PD is difficult as many of the new C-line PD’s are very overstable but the 13th run Discmania PD, manufactured by Innova, is perhaps one of the most overstable PD’s ever produced. Other runs of Innova manufactured PD’s show a more neutral flight path and are much less stable than new, Discmania manufactured PD’s. 

Discmania Nordic Phenom PD vs. Lone Howl 2 PD

Comparing the Nordic Phenom and Lone Howl 2 make sense, as both discs are manufactured with Special Blend S-line plastic. The plastics feel quite similar, with the Innova made Lone Howl 2 S-blend being just a bit more grippy in hand. Flight characteristics show the Nordic Phenom to have a more mellow flight path and the Lone Howl 2 to be more overstable, handling headwind quite incredibly well. 

Discmania PD Flight Path

The Discmania PD has the flight numbers of 10/4/0/3, making the disc a medium glide, high stability driver. The disc fits incredibly well in the hand for forehands and most cases, the PD will have a slight dome, making it comfortable for backhand throws as well. Mentioned above, the Discmania PDs flight path depends on the run you are throwing but for a majority of runs, the disc is overstable without being unusable. 

In our opinion, the medium glide and accessible stability of the PD allows the disc to be controlled easily and placed on a majority of lines. The PD is an excellent choice for touchy drivers where control is the most important factor, as the 10 speed will fly far without the potential error that higher speed drivers tend to have. 

Bagging the Discmania PD

If you’re looking to bag the Discmania PD, consider adding multiple variations to your disc line-up. For most forehands, a worn in Nordic Phenom or new S-line will work perfectly. Having a back-up high stability PD like the Lone Howl or 13th run PD (if you can find one) will fit in place of extremely overstable distance driver shots. 

Special thank you to Disc Golf Deals USA for providing us with the discs to test!

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