Discmania Zetas Moon CD1

This Disc is Great: Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 Review

TL;DR: Colten Montgomery signature series special blend S-line CD1, or the Zeta’s Moon CD1 is a straight, point and shoot 9 speed fairway driver with sneaky distance potential.

Est. Reading Time: 3 – 4 Minutes

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Discmania CD1 Review

Discmania Zeta’s Moon Overview

The Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 is a new 9 speed signature fairway driver made for Colten Montgomery. Similar to his signature Lone Howl PD (PD Review Here) series, the Zeta’s Moon features a wolf on the stamp – this time fighting what looks to be a mythical sea serpent. The Colten Montgomery signature series special blend S-line CD1 sports the flight numbers 9/5/-½, similar to a Discraft Undertaker.

Discmania Swirly S-line Plastic Review

Discmania Zeta's Moon CD1

Discmania has some produced some phenomenal disc golf plastic since switching over the production of their originals line to in house. This new swirly s-line plastic is no different and feels great in the Zeta’s Moon CD1. The swirly s-line plastic offers a touch of give but not as much to make the disc feel floppy. The feel is soft and feels like a wonderful all-weather blend to throw in any conditions.

Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 Review

The Discmania CD1 essentially took over where the original CD2 left off and fits right in between the Vanguard and FD3 in the Discmania Line-up. In our Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 review, the disc had a wonderful, straight flight that provided a touch of turn while still being reliably stable on the finish. 

The Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 feels wonderful in the hand for both forehands and backhands. We found that the disc doesn’t quite offer the torque resistance needed for high powered forehands. That being said, this disc is a great option for backhand dominant players who like to shape lines in the woods and out in the open. 

Similar to a Discraft Undertaker, the Zeta’s Moon CD1 is a point and shoot fairway driver. Comparing the two discs in the field (we tested a Z Undertaker), the Zeta’s Moon offered more distance with less effort, mostly due to its substantial glide potential. The major difference we found when comparing the Discmania CD1 and Discraft Undertaker was that the Zeta’s Moon CD1 flew with a touch more turn in the middle of its flight. Overall, we found the Zeta’s Moon to fly true to its flight numbers while having a surprising amount of wind resistance. 

Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 Characteristics

Here’s how we reviewed the Discmania Zeta’s Moon CD1 on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

Hand Feel: 7

Aesthetic Look: 6 (Not that Swirly)

Disc Grip: 7

Flight Consistency: 9

Controllability: 8

Distance Potential (For a Fairway Driver): 8

Ease of Use: 8

Overall Enjoyability: 8

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