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The Best New Disc Golf Bag on the Market: Discology Icon

TL;DR: The Discology Icon maxes out the storage potential of a large disc golf bag. It’s light, comfortable and highly affordable at just $139.99. Head over to the Discology Disc Golf website to buy one, here!

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Discology Disc Golf Icon

The Discology Icon is a newly released bag with endless space and features. With room for over 30 discs, huge side compartments for holding accessories, and some of the most enormous side pockets we’ve ever seen on both sides of the bag for water bottles or extra discs (6+), the Icon is no joke. On top of the excellent features in the Discology Icon, this large disc golf bag is super comfortable to carry around and comes standard with a rain fly (For Reference, the Pound Rain Fly starts at $64.99!) Did we mention the Icon bag is water-resistant with waterproof zippers?

The Discology Icon Storage Features

If storage is a factor when buying a new large disc golf bag, consider the Discology Icon. The Icon carries a large amount of disc golf discs, drinks, and accessories. The open-concept bag features a large front pocket that holds up to 18 discs, two putter pouches that can fit 5 discs comfortably, and two large side pouches for either discs, your phone, or drinks. The Icon bag also gives you the option to fit one disc in front of the main compartment and it even has a small slot in the front of the bag for a few minis or a notebook.

In our test, we fit 15 discs in the front compartment (with plenty of extra space), 5 in the putter pouches, and 5 drivers in a single side pouch with room for more if needed. This left us space for two drinks in the other side pouch and room in the massive side compartments for our wallet, keys, chalk bags, and much more. There was almost more space than we knew what to do with in the Discology Icon bag.

A bonus feature to the Discology Icon is its storage sleeve on the back for a disc retriever – which Discology also sells here, and it’s the longest retriever on the market – or an umbrella. The option to carry either of these two accessories without having to lug them around by hand is incredible and just another reason why we love carrying around the Icon. 

Discology Icon Comfort

Discology Icon Padded Back Straps
Discology Icon Padded Back Straps

It’s obviously apparent that comfort was a major consideration in the design of this large disc golf bag. The Discology Icon has heavily padded straps and a nicely structured back and sides for added comfort. In regards to the Icon bag’s overall form and fit, the bag lays nicely against the back and feels generally easy to walk around with. 

One of the main factors as to why the Discology Icon feels so comfortable is its weight distribution and overall lightness. This large disc golf bag feels smaller compared to its actual size. We had no problem walking up and down slopes, stairs, and platforms when walking to and from holes. The Icon also features a soft grip handle for when short distances are needed in between shots and putting the bag on your back isn’t necessary.

Discology Icon Value Compared to Other Disc Golf Bags

The Discology Icon costs $139.99. This price gets you a standard rain fly and the massive storage options and comfort listed above. This large disc golf bag is a great value, especially for players coming from similar bag brands such as Pound, Grip, Squatch, and Dynamic Discs. Below are some brief Discology Icon comparisons to similar upper-tier large bag options:

Pound Octothorpe – Price: $399.99, Capacity: Roughly 30 Discs and multiple storage areas.

  • The Octothorpe is one of the priciest options for large disc golf bags ($74.99 cost for a rain fly.) Similar to the Discology Icon, the Pound features water-resistant fabrics. Pound is known for lasting quality and features but its high price may keep many consumers away.

Grip AX5 – Price: $229 (on sale), Capacity: Roughly a 28 disc maximum with multiple storage areas. 

  • Sponsoring players such as Paul Mcbeth and Simon Lizotte, Grip is one of the most well known brands in the game. Similar to the Icon and Octothorpe, the AX5 has plenty of storage as well as a designated spot for an umbrella or disc retriever.

Squatch Legend 3.0 – Price: $229.99 – $259.99, Capacity: 40 Discs with multiple storage areas and a 3L water bladder. 

  • The new kid on the block with fancy shoes, Squatch has come up quickly in the large disc golf bag category, sponsoring players from Ezra Aderhold, Calvin Heimburg, and Catrina Allen. Squatch is built from the same reliable material as all of the bags listed in this article and Squatch boasts that the bag can carry 40+ discs. Maxing out the Discology Icon bag put us at close to the same number at a fraction of the cost. 

Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger – Price: $189.99, Capacity: Roughly 26 Discs and multiple storage areas. 

  • The Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger comes in closest in terms of pricing to the Discology Icon while featuring similar storage and accessory options. Unlike the Discology Icon, the Combat Ranger features only a single water bottle holder but has a bladder storage area similar to the Squatch Legend. The Combat Ranger is offered in a large variety of colors.

Discology Icon Review and Ratings

Discology Icon

Overall, the Discology Icon surprised us immensely. The bag has a vast amount of storage and seems like it has the potential to last. The option to place discs, water bottles, and anything else needed on the course in the side pockets without taking space in the two storage compartments was a plus. This bag can literally hold anything you can think of and more. The Sapphire Blue pattern also looks pretty nifty. 

Here’s our breakdown of the Icon on a 1 – 10 scale. (10 being the best.)

Dollar Value: 9.5

Disc Storage: 8

General Storage: 9

Strap Comfort: 8

Lightness: 7.5

Aesthetic Look: 7.5

Ease of Use: 8

Overall: 8.2

We’ll continue to test the Discology Icon and will update this bag review with long-term ratings. 

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