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Discraft Luna vs. Axiom Envy

TL;DR: We compare the Discraft Luna vs. Axiom Envy so you can decide which throwing putter is best for your game. The Luna is a floatier, straighter putter, while the Axiom Envy is more point and shoot.

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Discraft Luna vs. Axiom Envy Overview

Comparing the Discraft Luna vs. Axiom Envy is the perfect way to find your next do-it-all throwing putter! Both of these throwing putters are made to fly far and carve tight fairways all the while fading reliably towards the target. Players like Paul McBeth, Ezra Aderhold and Anthony Barela all rely heavily on the Discraft Luna for their putter drives and approaches. MVP sponsored pros like James Conrad and Matt Dollar bag the envy.

Discraft Luna Overview

The Discraft Luna was first approved by the PDGA in December of 2018. It was the first Paul McBeth signature disc and has quickly become one of the most popular putters in disc golf. This is what Discraft had to say about the Luna upon approval: 

“The Luna is a great neutral flying putter, making it a staple for heavily wooded and open style courses. This control allows the Luna to take advantage of any angle or putting style and showcase it at its full potential.”

The Luna was originally released in a special rubber blend, combining jawbreaker with an extra tacky, stiff rubber. The Luna has flight numbers of 3/3/0/3

Discraft Luna Up-close

Axiom Envy Overview

The Envy has a few years on the Luna, originally PDGA approved in early 2014. The Envy features GYRO overmold, with a flat top and a moderate to high stability. Along with the Alias, the Envy was one of the first two mold offered by Axiom Discs. This is how the Axiom Team described the Envy after approval:

“The Envy has a smooth modern feel that fits your hand perfectly, lending confidence for both putt and approach duties. The Envy exhibits reliable high-speed stability and a minimal fade. Its medium depth offers a healthy balance of easy clean releases and straight flights.”

The Envy initially was released in Neutron plastic but now is now available in a multitude of plastics and glow options. For a bit of history, James Conrad threw an Envy in the Holy Shot. 

Plasma Envy

Discraft Luna Review

Discraft Luna Feel: For this review we threw a Z Luna, similar to the Luna’s Paul McBeth throws off the tee and approaching greens. The Z Plastic from Discraft is grippy, but not gummy and offers a slight amount of give without being flimsy. The Luna has a rounded edge and fits nicely in the hand on both fan and power grip. 

Discraft Luna Flight Path: The flight path of a Z Luna is perfectly touchy without being understable. While the Luna’s flight numbers are 3/3/0/3 making it an overstable disc on paper, it doesn’t have the same fade of other 3 fade putters such as a Zone or even a Discmania S-line P2 (which has a fade of 1.) The Discraft Luna’s flight path on a hyzer is soft and forward pushing. We found the Luna to showcase its strengths thrown flat as the putter has a high amount of glide and wants to keep going when thrown high enough.

Axiom Envy Review

Axiom Envy Feel: For this review we chose to test out a Plasma Envy. The Axiom Plasma plastic has a similar feel to Discraft Z plastic but has a touch more give to it but is by no means flimsy. Players may find that the Axiom Envy fits in their hand nicely due to the flat top and slightly rounded edge. 

Axiom Envy Flight Path: The flight path of the Axiom Envy is true to the flight numbers of 3/3/0/2. The throwing putter has a high distance potential and fades reliably at the end of its flight. Thrown on hyzer, the Axiom Envy’s flight path is to hold the line the entire time until the end of its flight. Thrown flat the Envy will always fade fairly hard. 

Discraft Luna vs. Axiom Envy Comparison

The Discraft Luna vs. Axiom Envy comparison is a long time coming for us at the Birdie Blog. The two discs have massive cult followings and nearly identical flight paths. Paul McBeth has won multiple world titles with the Luna in his bag and James Conrad beat McBeth with a perfect Envy shot. So which one remains supreme? How do the Discraft Luna and Axiom Envy compare?

In our testing, even with one less fade rating, the Axiom Envy flies consistently more stable than the Luna. The Envy is a truly stable putter and is our choice for hyzer backhand drives and approaches as the Envy is 100% trustworthy in all conditions. But that doesn’t make the Luna a lesser disc compared to the Envy. While not true to its flight numbers, the Discraft Luna’s flight path allows players to shape smooth line and create massive flex lines out in the open. If you’re a player who prefers soft hyzers without the dumping fade that the Envy might give you, the Luna is the perfect disc to bag. 

But in our humble opinion, comparing the Discraft Luna vs. Axiom Envy isn’t really a comparison. The two throwing putters are very different and will fit different slots in your bag. So we say bag both!

Thanks to our friends at Disc Golf Deals USA for the Envy to throw around. Buy one, here!

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