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How to: Online Disc Golf Marketing

TL;DR: Online marketing for disc golf brands is important. We cover the best ways to gain more sales and traffic and how to plan for success.

Est. Reading Time: 4 -5 Minutes

Key Online Disc Golf Marketing Factors

When looking at how successful your disc golf marketing is, there should be two key factors your team should focus on and the rest will serve as guiding points for improvement of those two key factors. These two keys include:

  • Sales (conversions)
  • Traffic

Sales should be the main focus of every retailer, no matter what the product is. Even if the goal is charity donations, you can measure success on how many clicks you’ve converted into donations. Traffic makes sales possible. Often, traffic won’t lead directly to sales but it may create a lasting brand impression on a potential customer. This same customer who didn’t purchase immediately, may end up making a purchase (or become a lifelong customer) on their third or fourth visit to your website. 

Disc Golf Marketing Guiding Points

If sales are the most important metric to track and traffic comes in second, what else should you be following as a disc golf retailer? Use these points below as points of success or areas that may need improvement. 

  • Impressions
  • Top 10 Organic Keywords (with a close eye on top 20)
  • New Visitors
  • Local Traffic (If Brick & Mortar) 

Tracking Impressions

Impressions are simply how many online travels saw your ad or website somewhere. When using SEO in marketing, you would track how many times your website (regardless of what page) was seen on a search engine result page (SERP.) Tracking Impressions is simple with Google Search Console. Impressions are also trackable through Google Ads and many times, the more popular the search and the higher your product or site ranks, the more impressions you will receive. Tracking impressions is key with Google Ads, as impressions may be high but clicks can still be low. Always understand the value of the keywords you’re bidding on!

Tracking Organic Keywords

Organic keywords differ from Google Adword keywords, as they are free to take! The quality of the site’s content, your inventory and the user interface (U/X) determine how Google will rank your site for specific keywords. Always remember, ranking for every keyword isn’t as important as ranking for ones that make you sales. For retailers, understanding organic keywords is key to proper online disc golf marketing as products from site to site rarely differ greatly. Having the best website possible will help differentiate your website from others.

New Visitors/Users & Local Traffic

While disc golfers seem to have a never ending disc budget, consider that in sales, it’s always better to have a broad portfolio of customers rather than a small one. The purpose of online disc golf marketing is to get your brand out to as many customers as possible. That means you want to let existing customers know you’re still important while showing new customers you have the inventory they’re looking for! More new users to your website shows that you’ve been successful in growing your online brand. If you’re tracking metrics and see traffic is down nationally, check on your state and regional traffic. Seeing strong metrics in local traffic could lead to sales in person. 

Online Disc Golf Marketing Review

The points covered in this article showcase the broadest overview of what good online disc golf marketing should be. While tracking sales and online traffic is easy, making those numbers improve is not. You should evaluate the impressions you’re receiving, organic keywords you’re ranking for and if new customers are finding your site on a monthly basis. Use these supporting factors as directions in your journey to more sales and conversions.

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