How to throw a hyzer

How to Throw a Hyzer in Disc Golf

Overview: In this quick disc golf tip article, Birdie Blog examines the hyzer angle. We’ll teach you how to throw the hyzer, when to throw it and make sure it works for you. 

How to throw a hyzer in disc golf – Backhand Instructions

  1. Turn your shoulders
  2. Reach back
  3. Extend the disc so the flight plate is pointing away from you. 
  4. Throw, doing your best to maintain an upward angle, keeping the disc position the same.
  5. Follow through with your throwing arm finishing above your shoulders. 
  6. Watch your disc hyzer. 
How to Throw a Hyzer – Latitude 64 Video

Types of Hyzers in Disc Golf

  1. Regular Hyzer – One that holds a mellow hyzer line the entire flight of the disc. This type of shot is usually done with a neutral to somewhat stable disc. 
  2. Spike Hyzer – This hyzer has a high level of difficulty when looking for perfection. This shot requires a steep angle of release and a high trajectory of the disc. The disc usually peaks and falls instantly downward. This hyzer is usually performed with an overstable disc.
  3. Hyzer Flip – The hyzer flip is a regular hyzer with an understable disc so the disc flips up to flat and either turns or stays straight before fading back. This often is the most difficult shot to master for beginner’s but is the most rewarding and helpful to improving your game. 

When to Throw a Hyzer 

  1. In the Woods – The hyzer is the perfect angle for attacking wooded courses. When a tree suddenly makes its way in front of you, often the best way to get around it is with a forehand or backhand hyzer. On tightly wooded courses where you have to throw straight to keep your disc in the fairway, a hyzer flip is almost necessary. 
  2. On Open Courses – While many open disc golf courses don’t demand as many angles as wooded ones, often you’ll run into Out of Bounds areas on open courses. Perfecting your hyzer angles will help you avoid these out of bounds areas and lower your scores. 
  3. When You’re Trapped in the Rough – Disc Golf is a game of inches and sometimes throwing just a bit off can land you in thick brush. Often you’ll have to look for alternate angles to get back to the fairway. This often times will be done with a spike hyzer.

Learn more about the Hyzer and check out our hub page, here!


Why Do I Always Throw a Hyzer in Disc Golf?

The hyzer for most players, is the most natural way to throw a disc. This motion, coupled with beginner’s usually throwing with a “nose up” angle, will cause the disc to hyzer out.

Why Throw Overstable Discs?

When throwing a hyzer in disc golf, the disc’s stability with influence the shape of the shot. The more stable, the more severe the hyzer angle. The less stable the disc, the more likely the disc will flip over after throwing the hyzer.

What is the Origin of the term, “Hyzer”?

Dr. Stancil Johnson, wrote in his 1975 book, Frisbee: A Practitioner’s Manual and Definitive Treatise,
This is the angle the Frisbee makes at release in relation to the ground. Hyzer problems are the bane of the beginning player. 

The term hyzer, could also be in recognition of a former long distance champion, H.R. “Fling” Hyzer.

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