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How’s it Fly? McBeth 4x Claw Zone Review

TL;DR: The Discraft McBeth 4x Claw Zone is the Michelin Star equivalent of stock Z Zone. Same disc, but more prestigious and way more expensive.

Est. Reading Time: 2 – 3 Minutes.

Discraft 4x Claw Zone Overview

With prices ranging from $50 at the lower end up to sometimes $400 at their peak, the Discraft McBeth 4x Claw Zone is regarded as one of the most sought after discs in disc golf. This version of the Discraft Zone is bagged by pros such as Paul McBeth himself, Paul Ulibarri and Paige Pierce. It’s known for reliable stability and solid grip in almost any condition. In our Discraft McBeth 4x Claw Zone Review we look at how this Zone compares to other Zones, its flight path and the plastic characteristics. 

Paul McBeth throwing a 4x Claw Zone

Discraft McBeth 4x Claw Zone History

Paul McBeth had already won four world championships before signing with Discraft in 2018 for four years. As a way to build the McBeth brand at Discraft, the flying disc manufacturer created a special line of “McBeth 4x Claw” discs, which included the ESP Buzzz, the Z Zone, Ti Undertaker and Z Force. These discs were made in an extreme limited quantity and instantly became popular, as they were the First Runs in the Discraft/Paul McBeth collaboration. Today, players such as Anthony Barela, Adam Hammes and Corey Ellis bag 4x Claw discs such as the Buzzz and Force. 

4x Claw Zone Review

Feel: The Discraft 4x Claw Zone comes in Z plastic and isn’t the most unique plastic on the disc golf market. Brand new, the McBeth 4x Claw Zone is fairly grippy and has a nice flat-top that one would expect from a quality Discraft Zone. Compared to standard Z plastic, this Zone is probably closer in feel to CryZtal plastic, in terms of hand feel and grip.

McBeth 4x Claw Zone Plastic Characteristics:

  • Grippy
  • Board Flat
  • It’s a Zone 

Flight: The Discraft Zone reviews as a stable, wind fighting approach disc that is widely considered as the best disc in its category. The McBeth 4x Claw Zone is no exception to this and flies as well or better than most Zones you can buy off the shelf today. Perhaps the one factor that sets the 4x Claw Zone apart from stock Zones is its consistent stability. Combined with excellent plastic grip, this Zone is very overstable and is perfect for headwind shots as well as tight hyzer shots. 

McBeth 4x Claw Zone Flight Characteristics:

  • Overstable
  • Consistent in Wind
  • It’s a Zone

Discraft McBeth 4x Claw Zone Comparisons

The Discraft McBeth 4x Claw Zone compares with many discs so we’ll try and keep this list as short and compact as possible. Let us know in the comments if we missed any important comparisons! First, in terms of a runs consistency, the 2021 Brian Earhart Metallic Z Zone is your closest bet to a fresh McBeth 4x Claw Zone. The Earhart Zone is as overstable as standard Zones get and has a nice, grippy feel. Next up would be the new Discraft Ringer-GT Concept Zone. While the Ringer-GT Zone has a thumb-track, the flight compared to a McBeth 4x Zone are very similar. Overstable and very trustworthy. Lastly, Glo Z Zones tend to have similar flight patterns, with a consistent overstable finish in most conditions

Our final take on the McBeth 4x Claw Zone? Unless you’ve got the extra cash, buy 5 or 6 different Zones with your money and find your favorite. But it is pretty cool bagging one if you can. 

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