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How to Throw a Hyzer in the Woods

Overview: If you’ve read our first post on how to throw a hyzer, you might be looking for more in-depth insights on how to throw the shot in various situations. In this quick disc golf tip, Birdie Blog goes over how to throw a hyzer in the woods. 

How to Throw a Hyzer in the Woods – Instruction Manual

  1. Address the angle – how much room to the right or the left of the shot do you have?
  2. Consider your distance from the target.
  3. Do you have room to run up, walk up or is it a stand still only shot?
  4. Decide on what hyzer angle you’ll be throwing – Are you throwing a hyzer flip, a spike hyzer or a long, arching hyzer?
  5. Pick your disc based on the type of hyzer you’re throwing.
  6. Commit and rip!
Throwing a Hyzer Flip

Throwing Hyzer Angles in the Woods

The disc golf hyzer can be a thing of beauty to watch if thrown properly. It can be even more rewarding when the gap in the woods is tight and challenging. This is why understanding how to execute a hyzer in the woods is so important. 

When to Throw a Hyzer Flip in the Woods

The hyzer flip is one of the most commonly used shots when playing the woods. It allows disc golf players to sneak around tightly wooded fairways and push forward on straight lines the furthest. If a player is often forced to play a hyzer flip in the woods, it’s most likely because the gap is tight and the line following that gap is straight or not allowing for a traditional fade. 

Choosing Your Disc to Hyzer In the Woods

Disc Selection is paramount when it comes to playing disc golf in the woods. Play something too overstable or understable and you’ll end up off the fairway. Sometimes even playing the straightest disc you have won’t work out in your favor.

  1. Understable discs: These discs often allow for easier hyzer flips or longer, more mellow hyzers that allow you to push farther up the fairway if the shot allows it. Choose an understable disc when the line is straight or if the gap is tight.
  2. Overstable Discs: Overstable discs are usually the lesser used of the two kinds when playing in the woods. An overstable disc on hyzer will ultimately result in a sharp fade and short distance. It would be optimal to throw an overstable disc on hyzer when you’re pinched off and need to get around a sharp curve or if the fairway is wide open. 
  3. Neutral Discs: Neutral discs are the straight shooters. These might be your Discmania MD1’s or Discraft Buzzz’s. These discs work well on hyzer in the woods by holding mellow lines that will reliably fade to finish. These discs can also be flipped to flat form hyzer depending on the amount of power you put on your shot.

Learn more about the Hyzer and check out our hub page, here!


Why Can’t I Throw a Hyzer Flip?

Often the most challenging part of throwing a hyzer flip is selecting the right disc. If a disc is too overstable, it will be too “heavy” to flip to flat. Start with an understable disc when first learning to hyzer flip. As you gain more confidence and power, you may be able to progress to neutral to stable discs.

What Angle is Hyzer?

Hyzer refers to the angle of the disc upon release. The side of the disc with the stamp on it is facing away from the player when thrown on hyzer.

Do I Need an Understable Disc to Hyzer Flip?

Often the easiest and most controllable way to hyzer flip is with an understable disc.

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