Innova Champion Glow Rollo

Innova Holiday Glow Champion Rollo Review

TL;DR: The Innova Rollo is a fun disc that’s the first of its kind. Creative players will love throwing this disc. 

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Innova Rollo Guide

Do you need the Innova Rollo? No. Does it fill a missing slot in your bag? Sort of. Is it fun to throw a disc this understable and roll-prone in a sea of overstable discs these days? Absolutely. While there countless reasons to bag a Rollo, we’ll give you our take on why this is such a fun disc to have for your collection.

Innova Holiday Glow Champion Rollo Overview

Innova released the Rollo as a midrange disc anyone could get to roll. Dave Dunipace, founder of Innova, understood that throwing a roller can be difficult, especially for beginners and players without much roller experience. Thus, the Rollo was created with the flight numbers of 5/6/-4/1, giving the disc just enough understability, speed and glide to get going for a roller. And while being the first roller-specific disc of it’s kind, we found in our Innova Rollo review, that it flies surprisingly well in the woods. 

Innova Glow Champion Plastic Review

Innova Glow Champion plastic is great. Like really, really great. If you’re looking for plastic that feels outstandingly grippy, with a stiff but not overly hard feel, try Glow Champion from Innova. The glow of this plastic isn’t quite like MVP’s Eclipse plastic but when charged up, this disc does glow enough to be thrown outdoors at night. 

Innova Glow Champion Plastic Brightness
Innova Glow Champion Plastic Brightness

Innova Rollo Review

Mentioned above, the Rollo is a whole lot of fun to throw. While it isn’t a disc that will make our tournament bag, players with lower power and/or a creative style of play will absolutely love this midrange’s rolling ability. In our Holiday Glow Champion Rollo review, we found this disc to perform well in both tight woods and on quick roller lines in the open. 


  • Fast to the ground
  • Easy to flip
  • Rolls hard and straight with right finish (for RHBH)
  • 250-300 ft maximum distance

Air Shots:

  • Hyper-flippy
  • Great speed due to sharp rim
  • Carves fairways to shreds
Rollo Rim Profile
Rollo Rim Profile

Final Thoughts on the Champion Glow Rollo

The Innova Holiday Champion Glow Rollo is a great disc for beginners and players who love being creative on the course. The midrange rolls at the drop of a dime and can hyzer flip through the woods with little to no power needed. Its unique design and feel has created a new spot for itself in the standard disc golf bag. Our take? Try it out for yourself. At the least, you’ll have a blast with it in casual rounds.

Special thanks to Disc Golf Deals USA for sending us this Rollo. Buy one, here!

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