Innova Sidewinder Flight Characteristics

Innova Sidewinder Flight Path

Are you looking for the best understable disc that can handle forehand torque and won’t burn over like other similar discs? Look no further than the Innova sidewinder – a nine speed disc (9/5/-3/1) that comes in a variety of plastics like halo, champion and star. 

How We Reviewed the Innova Sidewinder

In this review we took two sidewinders: one in halo plastic and one in star plastic, both of which weighed in at 173 – 175 grams. The discs were about an eight out of ten condition so there was no real wear and tear to worry about influencing the disc. Throws were made with a slight tailwind, 10-15 MPH, and we think this really showed off this understable disc’s flight potential. 


If you’ve never thrown the Innova Sidewinder, the discs flight characteristics are mellow and straight with the potential for turn at high speed throws and in headwind throws. The disc glides far and pushes straight, rather than fading hard like a Nate Sexton Firebird. 

Halo Sidewinder: The halo plastic, in our opinion, really is what makes this disc the best understable disc available on the market today. The plastic is firm, grippy and slightly stiff.

Star Sidewinder: Innova star plastic is soft, grippy and all around one of the best disc golf plastics available. It breaks in well but holds onto much of the discs characteristics throughout its life. The star sidewinder is just a touch more understable than the halo plastic version, but still holds onto stability well. This disc is a great beginner option for max distance throws!


  • The Innova Sidewinder’s flight path in Halo plastic was slightly understable to neutral depending on power level. We found that the disc performs well on two throw angles: 1) as a hyzer flip disc with room to turn and 2) as a roller disc. Throwing perfectly flat or on anhyzer usually resulted in burning the sidewinder into the ground. 
  • On a max power, hyzer flip, the halo sidewinder achieved 404 feet. The flight path followed a hard turn, while the disc flattened out and pushed forward as it faded back to the ground.


  • The Innova Sidewinder’s flight path in Star plastic was similar to the halo plastic version with just a touch more understability and less glide. The star plastic sidewinder, on a max distance hyzer traveled 378 feet. 


We found that the Innova Sidewinder’s forehand capabilities makes it one of the best understable discs available. The disc can handle both long, steep hyzer angles, as well as hyzer flip angles that turn and gently fade back. 


  • The halo sidewinder performed well on forehand, turning and holding a long straight flight before fading back to the earth. Our max distance hyzer flip angle put the Innova halo sidewinder at 363 feet. 


  • The star sidewinder took a similar route to it’s halo sister but glided a bit less, leveling out at 341 feet of distance.


The Sidewinder is a great disc. The numbers are mostly correct, but we think the disc might have a bit more stability when placed on a hyzer angle. The Innova Sidewinder glides for days and loves tailwinds. If you’re looking for a forgiving, long range disc, the Sidewinder is a must get.

Our take on the best sidewinder plastic? Try Halo and don’t look back. 

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