Jeremy Koling 2023 Halo Thunderbird

Jeremy Koling Tour Series Thunderbird History

One of the most popular and trusted discs in the market is the Innova Thunderbird, particularly the Jeremy Koling “Big Jerm” Tour Series editions. In this article, we will delve into the history of the Innova Tour Series Thunderbird, how it came to be, and why the Jeremy Koling Tour Series Thunderbird is such a fan favorite.

Every Jeremy Koling Innova Thunderbird: Quick List

  • 2016 CFR First Run Swirly Star Thunderbird
  • 2017 Big Jerm Swirly Star Thunderbird
  • 2018 Big Jerm Swirly Star Thunderbird
  • 2019 Big Jerm Swirly Star Thunderbird
  • 2020 Big Jerm Swirly Star Thunderbird
  • 2021 Big Jerm Swirly Star Thunderbird
  • 2022 Big Jerm Swirly Star Thunderbird
  • 2023 Big Jerm Halo Star Thunderbird

2016 CFR First Run Swirly Star Thunderbird

The 2016 CFR Swirly Star Thunderbirds were the first run of swirly star thunderbirds and came a year before the Jeremy Koling Tour Series Thunderbirds were introduced. This disc was the first time Thunderbird were made in Swirly Star plastics.

The CFR stands for custom fundraising, meaning the disc was primarily a limited run, customized disc to help touring players from Innovas team. The disc currently has a high collectors value and is said to have a slightly more mellow, less stable flight than Big Jerm swirly star thunderbirds.

2017 – 2022 Swirly Star Thunderbird Jeremy Koling Tour Series

2017 was the first year the Swirly Star Thunderbird Jeremy Koling Tour Series came out, featuring a similar Thunderbird stamp on the front with Koling’s personal Big Jerm stamp in the center. Much like the years that came after up to 2020, these discs have a high resale value due to their limited availability. 

All of the Big Jerm Swirly Star Thunderbirds are slightly stiff and have a touch more stability than stock star thunderbirds. Their flight path is more similar to a Champion Thunderbird. From personal experience, we’ve found the Big Jerm Tour Series Thunderbirds to handle torque well and fly with a high level of predictability. While not the swirliest of plastic, the discs usually have great grip and feel wonderful for both forehands and backhands.

The 2017 – 2020 Swirly Star Jeremy Koling Thunderbirds all have a relatively high resale value on disc golf auction sites, mainly due to their limited run from the Innova factory. 

2023 Halo Star Thunderbird Jeremy Koling Tour Series 

2023 marked the first year Big Jerm chose Halo Star plastic for his tour series Thunderbirds. Koling mentioned in his personal unveiling video on instagram, “that he wanted to go in a different direction because there were a lot of plain, solid colors [swirly stars]” and that halo “is my favorite feeling plastic.” The new discs are “100% Thunderbird….Not ultra stiff and not gummy.”

Describing the artwork of the stamp, Koling said “the artwork is my favorite part about this…it has to look traditional North-west native and it has to tell that story [about Thunderbird Bear].”

Check this discs out here on Innova’s site! We can’t wait for ours to come in!


Is the Innova Thunderbird Stable?

The Innova Thunderbird has flight numbers of 9/5/0/2 making the disc stable in all plastics.

What’s the difference between the Thunderbird and Firebird?

The Thunderbird has a higher glide potential and less stability, in most cases, compared to the Innova Firebird, which has flight numbers of 9/3/0/4

Is the Thunderbird an advanced players disc?

In most cases, the thunderbird demands a high amount of spin and speed to be thrown far but many beginners may benefit from the discs high glide and consistent, stable finish!

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