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Bergalicious: The Kastaplast Berg vs. Berg X Comparison

TL;DR: The Berg vs. Berg X comparison shows that the Berg X is everything fans of overstable, low-glide putters want it be. Kastaplast fans rejoice, you can finally call your bag complete. 

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Kastaplast Berg vs. Berg X Comparison Overview

Some disc golf players see the world as one of two things: 1) There was a time before the Berg released and 2) a time after the Berg released. Now those same people can see it as a third: A time after the Berg X released. Our article focuses on the Kastaplast Berg vs. Berg X comparison, where we try to give you the best review of each disc. Along with this comparison article, we’ll try to explain in our Kastaplast Berg X review, why this putter is such a great disc. 

Kastaplast Berg

Kastaplast Berg X Overview

A Kastaplast Berg X review wouldn’t be complete without a short history. On May 22nd, 2023, the PDGA approved the Berg X. From our initial article on the Berg X, you can read, here, we focused on the specifications of the Berg X compared to the Berg. The Berg X Specifications were similar to the Berg minus flexibility. The Kastaplast Berg X was 2.51KG more than the Berg regarding Flexibility. In fact, in our Berg X review, which we’ll touch on more below, the Berg X feels considerably thicker around the rim, giving the disc a firmer feel. 

Kastaplast Berg X Review

We’ve been anxious to make a Kastaplast Berg X review and are lucky enough to finally have the opportunity to do so. You can check out our Berg review on DGDU, here, if you’re interested!

Kastaplast Berg X
Kastaplast Berg X

Hand Feel: The Berg X feels essentially the same in the hand as the Berg and will leave most Kastaplast fans plenty happy. The Berg X is a mega-concave shaped putter which feels (for some) great in the hand on both sides. Kastaplast makes wonderful plastic and this was no exception in the K1 Berg X. the disc felt soft and flexible, without being floppy. Mentioned above, Kastaplast beefed up the rim of the Berg X and it does have a noticeable stiffness in the hand. 

Flight: Our Kastaplast Berg X review found the putter to fly mostly true to its numbers. The Berg X’s flight numbers are 1/1/1/2 which essentially makes this disc a brick. In testing the disc, we found the Berg X’s flight path to resemble more of a 2/2/0/3. The Berg was always reliably stable but nothing to the point of fighting out of its flight right away. Plus, we found the disc to fly with a fair amount of glide and was great for touchy, wooded holes in the 150 – 250 ft range. 

Kastaplast Berg vs. Berg X Comparison

Kastaplast didn’t have to create a Berg X. Fans of the Swedish brand were happy to throw a stock Berg any chance they got on the course. It was and is one of the most exciting discs – to the behest of some – to ever make the disc golf market. That being said, we are overjoyed that Kastaplast decided to make a Berg X. 

In our Berg vs. Berg X comparison, we found that the latter was the exact disc we had always wanted the Berg to be. The Berg’s flight path can sometimes be unresponsive to hyzers and will straighten out in situations where we wanted a hard fade. Or on anhyzers, the Berg will hold the angle a bit longer than the 1/1/0/2 number imply.

The Berg X on the other hand is able to accomplish many more lines. In tight wooded fairways, the Berg X still is able to be pushed flat and straight. The difference between the Berg X and Berg is that the Berg X gives you a bit more confidence on your throws. You can turn a Berg X over and it will eventually come back. A Berg on the other hand often will cut roll. Throwing a Berg X flat will always result in an overstable finish. Throwing a Berg flat is a mixed bag. 

Kastaplast Berg vs. Berg X Ratings

It’s probably apparent that we love the Berg X. In fact, Kastaplast please send us your whole stock because this disc is perfect. But, that isn’t to say there isn’t room in our heart for the Berg as well. In fact, the two work perfectly in the bag together. The Berg helps us hit touchy lines and the Berg X helps us shape shots and feel a bit more confidence on lines where we need more power. 

Here’s our breakdown of the Berg vs. Berg X Comparison

Most Stable: Berg X

Most Touch: Berg

Best Overall Feeling: Tie (You Decide)

Forehand Feel: Berg X

Backhand Feel: Berg X

Open Fairway Shots: Berg

Tight Wooded Lines: Berg X

Most Fun: Berg X

Shot Shaping: Berg X

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