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Loft Silicon: Quick Review

TL;DR: The Loft Silicon is an overstable midrange that feels larger in the hand but works well when thrown with power.

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Loft Silicon Review

The Loft Silicon is a very new disc to come out of the Danish Manufacturer, being officially PDGA approved in May of 2022. It’s the first midrange to come from Loft and sports 5/4/0/3 as its flight numbers, making the Silicon a very overstable midrange. Currently, the Silicon is only offered in α-Solid plastic with hopefully more blends to come in the future. 

Loft Silicon Flight

As the numbers of the Loft Silicon imply, the midrange disc is extremely overstable and very reliable in every situation you would need this disc. Disc enthusiasts will note that the Loft Silicon has the exact same flight numbers as the Innova Roc3 and Buzzz OS. In our review, we found the disc to be much less workable than a Roc3 but about the same as a Buzzz OS, which either says the Roc3 has less stability than implied or the Silicon and Buzzz OS have more stability than the number suggest. 

Regardless of comparisons to other discs, the Loft Silicon was a joy to throw, as the disc reacted to each throw as we wanted it. When thrown on hyzer, the disc would hyzer hard, looking to find the ground somewhat fast. When thrown flat, the disc would hold the line for longer than expected but hyzer towards the target at the end of its flight. Thrown with a bit of anhyzer, the disc held its line without fighting out of it like a Dynamic Discs Justice or Discmania Mutant might. 

Loft α-Solid Plastic

Loft α-Solid plastic is a durable blend of plastic that’s shiny and has a medium grip. We found this plastic closest in relation to Innova Star plastic. testing the Loft Silicon in summer, we found the α-Solid plastic to perform well in humid conditions and didn’t find the disc to be too slick with a bit of sweat from the palm.

Loft Silicon Feel

The discs feel is quite big in the hand, with the round edge of the Loft Silicon being blunt. In the hand, the disc is large and fills up the entirety of the palm. In testing, we found this midrange disc needs quite a bit of power to get where it’s going, so having the Loft Silicon feel larger in the hand actually made sense. Being able to feel a larger disc in our hands gave us confidence when throwing hard. 

Special thank you to Disc Golf Deals USA for providing us with the discs to test!

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