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Millenium Helio Vela – Review


The Millenium Sirius Helio Vela is the latest disc produced by Millenium Disc Golf. It was released at the Las Vegas Challenge this year, offered in limited quantities at the manufacturer’s tent and online. Calvin Heimburg was seen throwing the disc during a practice round with Zach Melton, linked here. Initial discussions have compared this disc to the flat top 2015 run of Eagle X’s, Calvin bags.

Flight Numbers

7/5/-.5/3 – Sirius Helio Plastic


Sirius Helio Plastic is Millenium Disc Golf’s Halo plastic, essentially. The plastic is stiff, yet surprisingly flexible and soft in the hand. The outer rim, much like any halo or helio plastic, is a different color than the inside, giving the plastic its signature “Halo” look.


Beefy. If you’re faint of heart when it comes to extremely overstable discs, this mold is not for you. Crafted as a Calvin Heimburg signature discs, the Millenium Sirius Helio Vela, was made to handle the needs of professional level spin and power. That being said, the disc goes surprisingly far in both tail and headwinds but had the characteristic dump we’d expect out of -.5/3 numbers. 


For this comparison, we decided to try out a 12x Champion Eagle as well as a Prototype Discraft Athena. Reasons behind choosing these discs were due to the Vela being an “Eagle” mold and the Prototype Athena, while not the exact numbers or flight, is said to have quite a bit more stability than its first run counterpart. We did two throws, all backhand, one with a 10 MPH tailwind and the other back, into the headwind.

First Throws

Vela –  The Vela traveled 337 ft on a flat line, with little to no turn, and finished hard into the ground. Normally, a more neutral or workable fairway would push forward as it finished, but the Vela did not. It almost daggered into the ground. 

Proto Athena – The Proto Athena traveled 346 ft on a flat line, that ended up more right than any of the three discs. The wind may have been unpredictable during this throw. That being said, the Athena held its line and finished with a straight landing.

12x Champion Eagle – The Champion Eagle ended up flying the most inconsistently during this quick review, digging about 330 ft before quickly dying. The main difference we saw between the Vela and the Eagle was that the eagle sort of sputtered out when fading back, where the Vela lunged into the earth.

Second Throws

Vela – This was our first throw into the headwind, which felt pretty significant staring into it. The Millenium Helio Vela held a beautiful straight line before predictably dumping at 330. 

Proto Athena – The Athena went the furthest in the headwind, thrown flat and nose down, the disc finished right, off the initial line at 358 ft. Not surprisingly, the Athena isn’t a truly overstable disc to fight the wind (unless maybe, thrown on hyzer.)

12x Champion Eagle – Maybe this one was me, but that’s how it goes for quick reviews. The eagle pushed 320 ft after being tossed around in the wind. 

Final Thoughts

Do yourself a favor and buy the Millenium Sirius Helio Vela. It may not be a perfect disc for every shot (which is something I think a stock Athena might be) but it handles utility and shot shaping better than any fairway driver I’ve thrown in a while. Plus, the plastic is immaculate, but that is to be expected from halo plastics. While this disc may not be for everyone’s arm speed, it provides a challenge and a bit of fun for those who have some power. 

Birdie Score

The Birdie Score is based off of 5 categories scored from 0-10. Once all the scores are tallied the disc is given a final score with a perfect score being a 50. 

  • Disc Feel – 9
  • Flight Consistency/Reliability – 9
  • Ease of Use – 2
  • Fun Factor – 7
  • Collectors Value – 4
  • Total: 31

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