MVP Glitch

MVP Glitch: Quick Review

TL;DR: The MVP Neutron Soft Glitch may just be the greatest throwing putter ever created. Unbelievable line control coupled with heavenly glide. What more can you ask for?

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MVP Glitch Overview

There’s a reason the MVP Glitch has quickly become one of the fastest selling discs on the market today. With its high glide, ease of use and Simon Lizotte seal of approval, the Glitch has it all in terms of market appeal. Released in the Summer of 2022, the Glitch took its place in the “Catch” category of throwing putters, similar to the Innova Sonic and Polecat. 

MVP Neutron Soft Review

What else can be said about this plastic other than perfection, especially when placed inside of a glitch mold. The MVP Neutron Soft plastic is super supple without being overly floppy and the plastic (as long as it isn’t too wet) has excellent grip. We found that this disc performed with its normal Glitch like flight path of straight as an arrow in Neutron Soft.

MVP Neutron Soft Glitch Review

The Glitch has quickly become one of our favorite discs and immediate addition to our bag. In fact, we love the glitch so much that without thinking, we’ve grabbed the disc for nearly every upshot recently. The MVP Neutron Soft Glitch is ultra reliable in almost situations and can even handle a bit of wind too!

Our favorite lines to throw the Glitch on were tight anhyzer lines around trees. When given height and room to move, the Glitch is about as point and shoot as point and shoot gets. Where many discs will careen into the ground, the MVP Glitch as enough glide to keep the disc in the air as it flies on anhyzer to its intended target. 

When thrown on a straight line, the Glitch almost performs too well. Thrown hard, the Glitch will almost always flip to flat and float to the target on a straight line. Similar to the anhyzer line, the Glitch like to be thrown on long and high hyzer lines with touch rather than power. 

MVP Neutron Soft Glitch Characteristics

Here’s how we reviewed the MVP Neutron Soft Glitch on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

Hand Feel: 9

Aesthetic Look: 5

Disc Grip: 7

Flight Consistency: 9

Controllability: 9

Distance Potential (for a putter): 10

Ease of Use: 10

Overall Enjoyability: 9

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