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New Kastaplast Molds: Kaxe, Krut, Vass

Kastaplast has made some big changes in their disc lineup in 2023. From producing last runs of the Kaxe Z, Grym and Grym X in K1 Plastic, to releasing the Stig, they’ve opened up slots in their disc lineup while closing a few. But with Kastaplast getting rid of some of their molds, that leaves room for three brand new disc golf discs, all of them approved by the PDGA for 2023. Check out the Kastaplast Kaxe, Krut and Vass below.

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Kastaplasts New Discs for 2023

  1. Kaxe (Retooled)
  2. Krut
  3. Vass

Why Kastaplast Updated their Disc Lineup

From the “Let’s Snackaplast” Podcast: The Grym, Grym X, Kaxe and Kaxe Z were still being manufactured in Kastaplast’s old factory and as Kastaplast has moved production to Latitude 64’s factory, these molds did not fit with Latitude’s machines. The drivers were discontinued completely and the Kaxe Z was too similar to the Kaxe to make sense to continue to manufacture. Thus, the Kaxe is being retooled for the Latitude 64 production facility and the Vass will take over where the Grym left off, the Guld (another new disc) is essentially a Grym X replacement and the Krut is a disc the pro team members have been asking for.

Kaxe (Retooled)

Below are the specifications for the new retooled Kastaplast Kaxe, which was approved on May 8th and has no official release date. Next to these numbers below, in italics, are the numbers for the original Kaxe PDGA approval in 2014. Judging from the comparison between the new Kastaplast Kaxe and the original mold, the retooled disc will offer a shallower height but a thicker rim. The inside rim diameter is a touch smaller but the thickness is boosted. 

The Original Kaxe sported 6/4/0/3 for flight numbers, making the disc a touch faster than normal midranges and very stable. These number below suggest the new retooled Kastaplast Kaxe may be more neutral flying, offering accessibility to those players looking for straighter lines or for players with slower arm speeds. 

Disc Specifications:

Max Weight: 175.1gr (174.3)

Diameter: 21.1cm (21.0)

Height: 1.7cm (1.9)

Rim Depth: 1.3cm (1.3)

Rim Thickness: 1.6cm (1.5)

Inside Rim Diameter: 17.8cm (18)

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 6.2% (6.2%)

Rim Configuration: 35.00 (34.00)

Flexibility: 8.18kg (9.30)


The Kastaplast Krut was approved March 20th by the PDGA and will be available for purchase on 5/25/2023. There are some rumors that Luke Samson will be making this disc his tour series disc. The Krut’s numbers and what videos there are of the disc golf discs floating around, suggest that this disc is an overstable twelve speed high speed driver. Numbers seen on the picture from Kymen’s Instagram show the Krut with the flight numbers of 12/4/0/4, meaning that this is in fact an overstable disc capable of handling professional power and torque. 

Disc Specifications:

Max Weight: 176.0gr

Diameter: 21.2cm

Height: 1.7cm

Rim Depth: 1.1cm

Rim Thickness: 2.2cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 16.8cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%

Rim Configuration: 30.25

Flexibility: 8.98kg


Yet another distance driver from Kastaplast, the Vass will hopefully take over and succeed where the Grym failed. The disc specifications on the Kastaplast Vass suggest the disc may be a more neutral brother to the upcoming Krut, something like what the Innova Tern is to the Destroyer. The Vass was approved on May 8th and has no official release date. 

Disc Specifications:

Max Weight: 176.8gr

Diameter: 21.3cm

Height: 1.7cm

Rim Depth: 1.1cm

Rim Thickness: 2.2cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 16.9cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%

Rim Configuration: 26.25

Flexibility: 8.41kg


Who is Kastaplast Owned By?

Jonas Lindberg, Anders Kallstrom and Per Jonson began Kastaplast in 2011, starting as a small disc prototype workshop in their basements.

Where is Kastaplast Made?

Kastaplast is designed and manufactured in Skellefteå, Sweden.

What is One of the Most Expensive Discs Sold?

An Original, First Run Kastaplast Berg in mint green, has sold for over $2,000 in auction before.

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