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Using SEO Marketing for Online Disc Golf Retailers

TL;DR: SEO can boost your website traffic and sales while lowering your marketing and advertising costs significantly. SEO is hands down the best long term strategy for any online retail store or website.

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Marketing for Online Disc Golf Retail Stores

Online disc golf retail is a tricky world to navigate. For one, the amount of players in the current game of online disc golf stores is immense, making meeting quotas difficult. Often it can seem like the amount of money spent in advertising won’t equate to an equal return in sales. With the game of disc golf constantly changing, marketing often seems daunting or even too complicated to even pursue beyond social media. So how to do achieve more retail sales for the least amount of time and money? 

What is SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of optimizing your website with content and a good user experience to rank as high as possible on Google or other search engines. SEO involves creating content filled with keywords, which are search terms or anything you’d put into the query bar like, “MVP Tesla for sale” or “What is the best distance driver in 2023?.” SEO involves zero expenditure on advertising platforms and can be done in house for your own online retail store. 

Reasons to Use SEO Marketing for your Disc Golf Store

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  1. Increased Online Visibility: If you are a small or new online disc golf store, the task of selling a lot of discs may seem daunting, especially in the shadow of giant retailers. Using SEO for your disc golf store allows you to rank as high if not higher than these larger retail stores. 
  2. Targeted Traffic: By using SEO for your disc golf retail store, you can essentially target the types of customers you think would be interested in buying the products you sell. Does your online retail store offer a large selection of dyed discs? With SEO you can target consumers already searching for dyed discs. 
  3. SEO is Cost Effective Marketing: Running a business is expensive and making sure your budget doesn’t feel the squeeze of yet another advertising campaign is stressful. That’s where SEO can help your disc golf store. It’s essentially free. SEO’s only real cost is the time your team is willing to put into it. Of course, you can hire a copywriter or web developer, and that is something we suggest if you are considering SEO as a long term investment (which it is) but those costs are steady and produce the same results. A Google Ad spend account is costly and often fluctuates month after month. 
  4. Long Term Results: Search engine optimization is a long term plan. Typically, with good content and linking (we’ll elaborate later) your site can expect to see a rise in rankings and keywords within a couple months. The goal of SEO is to achieve a new average year after year, something that a Google Ad spend campaign can’t achieve.
  5. Improved User Experience: This is point is two fold. Adding content to your online disc golf retail store makes your site more interesting and trustworthy to the consumer. They may find your disc descriptions interesting and insightful or your blogs interesting to read, thusly influencing them to buy whatever disc or product you were writing about. Secondly, a good user experience means a fast page with easy to navigate menus, clean and eye-catching pages and a responsive mobile interface. Making sure your website is easy to use is paramount to the disc buying experience. Consumers want your discs but don’t want to work hard to buy them. 
  6. Local SEO Targeting: If your online disc golf store is also a brick and mortar location, local SEO allows you to capture audiences looking to shop in person. By writing content that is filled with location specific keywords (i.e. your state and city to start) when someone searches Disc Golf Store Near Me your store very well may pop up as the number one result. (Disclaimer: Never, ever write content with near me in the titles or copy. Google doesn’t work that way and may penalize you for it. 

SEO Marketing for Your Retail Disc Golf Store

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, you’ve learned more about creating a better website that will save you tons of marketing dollars in the long run. For SEO to be effective for your disc golf store, make sure you map out your game plan before diving right in. Go to some of your favorite disc golf websites and see what they’re doing right that you’re not. Search for topics you’d like to rank for and see who holds the top spot on Google. From there, copy their process and try and do it better or more unique for your disc golf store. SEO is a fun and ever changing process that can offer massive long term benefits if done properly. 

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