Streamline Echo

Streamline Echo: Quick Review

TL;DR: The Streamline Echo is a straight flying midrange disc with a low profile and flat top. It comes in two plastics, Neutron and Proton Soft, which is a bit more stable than the Neutron.

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Streamline Echo Review

The Streamline Echo is a neutral midrange disc that is straight flier with a strong amount of torque and wind resistance. The Echo is a relatively new disc, receiving approval from the PDGA in 2021 and fits right in between the MVP Reactor and Axiom Hex in the MVP family line-up of midranges. The Echo has the flight numbers of 5/5/-1.5/1 and currently is offered in Neutron and Proton Soft plastic.

Streamline Echo Flight

Mentioned above, the Streamline Echo is a straight flying midrange with some torque and wind resistance. In our reviews both on the course and in the field, we found the Echo to perform best in tight, wooded gaps as well as open shots where straight distance up to 300 or 350 feet (if you’ve got the arm) is needed. In regards to the discs torque resistance, we found the Streamline Echo’s flight path did not lose its shape when thrown flat and hard. The disc flew hard out of the hand on distance shots and was able to reach the target quickly with a minor fade at the end. 

Streamline Echo Plastic

The Streamline Echo currently is offered in two plastics: the Streamline Neutron plastic and the Streamline Proton Soft Plastic (Special Edition for the OTB Open in 2023.) In testing, we found the disc to fly differently in both plastics, with the Neutron plastic flying truer to the flight numbers and offering slightly easier maneuverability on the course. The Proton Soft plastic Streamline Echo resisted turning over in the wind and eventually faded out stronger than the Neutron plastic.

The feel of the Neutron Echo was most similar to Discraft Z plastic, providing a slightly slick feeling plastic with a bit of tack. We found this plastic perfect for throwing touch shots around the course, as the plastic offered a slippery feel and an easy release out of the hand. The special edition Proton Soft Streamline Echo is a flexible, soft feeling plastic that is extremely grippy. The Proton Soft plastic is extremely gummy and pleasant to hold. 

Streamline Echo Feel

The Streamline Echo is a shallow midrange disc with a similar feel in hand to the Discraft Buzzz. It is a beadless midrange and is a low profile disc and flat. Stated earlier, the disc releases easily out of the hand and fits inside the palm with ease, where some discs roundness or bulkiness can cause the disc to feel too large. 

Special thank you to Disc Golf Deals USA for providing us with the discs to test!

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