Midrange Discs

Loft silicone

Loft Silicon: Quick Review

The Loft Silicon is a very new disc to come out of the Danish Manufacturer, being officially PDGA approved in May of 2022. It’s the first midrange to come from Loft and sports 5/4/0/3 as its flight numbers, making the Silicon a very overstable midrange. Currently, the Silicon is only offered in α-Solid plastic with hopefully more blends to come in the future. 

Streamline Echo

Streamline Echo: Quick Review

The Streamline Echo is a neutral midrange disc that is straight flier with a strong amount of torque and wind resistance. The Echo is a relatively new disc, receiving approval from the PDGA in 2021 and fits right in between the MVP Reactor and Axiom Hex in the MVP family line-up of midranges. The Echo has the flight numbers of 5/5/-1.5/1 and currently is offered in Neutron and Proton Soft plastic.