Discraft First Run ESP Venom

The Best Overstable Driver: Discraft ESP Venom

We went into the wind to find the best overstable distance driver, comparing the Discraft driver line-up. We tested the brand new First Run ESP Venom, two Forces (one Ti, one ESP) and a Ledgestone Edition Nuke OS from 2021. Winds ended up being close to 20 – 25 MPH and swirly so the point was to throw these overstable drivers on a couple lines and see how they flew!

Our Discraft First Run ESP Venom Video Review!

The Discs

Discraft First Run ESP Venom (x2) – We used two Venom’s (we’re giving away the red rimmed one!) both in the 170 – 172 gram category. The plastics were consistent ESP, fairly grippy with some nice halo swirls. The blue was slightly flatter, while the red rimmed Venom had a baby pop top. 

Discraft Ti Force – Forces are like that friend you can always rely on in a tough situation and this Nate Doss Ti Force is no exception. It’s got a slight dome, a bit slick but it flies true to its overstable disc characteristics. 

Discraft ESP Force – Just like the Ti Force, this disc holds a line and pushes forward while it fades back. Like the First Run Venom’s, this ESP plastic is grippy and swirly.

Discraft Ledgestone Nuke OS – This disc is about as overstable as overstable gets (Maybe the Zone OS is more OS.) Perhaps it’s this run of Nuke OS or the wind we were battling (that’s our excuse anyways) but this driver doesn’t like to be thrown far. In fact, as far as overstable distance drivers go, this might be the most overstable with the least distance potential. The Ledgestone ESP is board flat and bit slick.

The Throws


With this disc comparison we tried to get the discs on a baby hyzer but due to the wind, most of the discs ended up flat to avoid them popping up. 

First Run Venom – Both of these discs flew true to their numbers. The first throw had the Venom hold a long, flat hyzer line and eventually push forward and finish at 320 FT. The flatter of the two only got out to around 310 FT but held nearly the same exact flight.

Forces – The Ti Force was thrown relatively flat and held a nice straight, with a slight turning flight to a hard fading finish at 322 FT. The ESP Force held perhaps the prettiest line, with a lovely arching hyzer finishing right in front of where we threw, at 315 FT.

Nuke OS – Mentioned earlier, this is the most overstable distance driver we’ve ever thrown. Does that make it the best? No. This disc takes no prisoners and thrown even slightly nose up (like in the video) this disc dumps hard, ending up at a paltry 270 FT.)


The Anhyzer line is a great way to test out an overstable distance drivers’ capabilities in the wind. Can it hold a line and still come back, does it dump out and turn into the earth or is it so stable it’s like there’s no wind in the first place?

First Run Venom – This is where this disc shines. While we expected the venom to be a monster, too wide and too overstable to throw, the Venom held its anhyzer line for quite a bit of time and came back with a small forward push. The flatter blue Venom end up at 344 FT while the red rimmed pop top finished at 374 FT. 

Forces – Both forces flew well in the wind, gaining some good distance and finishing true to their lines. The ESP held the anny line as it pushed forward and landed at 335 FT on a similar line to the hyzer. The Ti Force gave us a bit more turn but ended up a tick shorter at 325 FT. 

Nuke OS – Again, this driver is overstable. Pushing this on a full anhyzer, the Nuke OS came right back and died at 297 FT.  

On the Course

Having had a chance to play with the Venom (blue flat top) we can say that this disc is a must get. Not only can it be a reliable backhand disc but it makes throwing forehand lines on a turnover power line a joy. The stability is key, but the fact that this disc wants to glide straight before flexing back is its best attribute. Does that make it the best overstable driver? That will be for you to decide!

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