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Potentially The Best Disc Golf Bag under $100: The Discology OG V2 Review

TL;DR: We tested out the Discology OG V2 Bag in the Vice colorway and we loved it. 

Est. Reading Time: 4 – 5 Minutes.

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Discology OG V2 Overview

Saying a bag is the best disc golf bag in any category is a loaded thing to say. If it’s a cheap disc golf bag it better have a decent amount of space, good materials and look better than how much it costs. If it’s in the mid-range of cost, like the Discology OG V2, it better surprise you with the amount of space and features it has, have great materials and it should look as good or better than it’s more expensive competitors. If it’s an expensive bag, well, you get the idea. (Check out our Discology Icon review, here)

The Discology OG V2 bag checked all the boxes for us in the affordable disc golf bag category and then some. Number one, it’s the prettiest damn bag we’ve ever seen. While some brands tend to throw patterns or stamps all over their bags at random, the OG V2 in the Vice colorway is thoughtful and simple. If you like bright colors, you’ll love carrying this version of the OG V2. 

But that isn’t the only reason the Discology OG V2 ranks as one of the best disc golf bags under $100 for us. The bag stores more discs than we know what to throw with on the course and it’s got plenty of extra storage too. Did we mention it stands on its own too? 

Discology OG V2 Review

Let’s talk about features. In our Discology OG V2 Review, we looked at disc capacity, extra storage, utility and everything else. Let’s first dive into storage and talk max capacity and how many discs actually make sense to throw in this bag. While some bags are obviously bigger (and cost a whole lot more) we based this review on how well the options stack up to the OG V2’s price.

Discology OG V2 Storage

If you’re like us, maxing out the biggest bag or cart isn’t of the highest importance. But, having the option to carry a lot of discs is something you care about, plus it’s fun. The Discology OG V2 never made us feel limited on the course and for a disc golf bag under $100, we were surprised at how many discs we could actually fit in the bag. Our final numbers on its max capacity was a whopping: 29 Discs.

The only downside to the bag was the final little pouch pocket that fits above the main disc storage area. While not a bad feature, we found that storing a disc in both pouches was difficult and a bit unwieldy. Leaving the bottom pouch empty but utilizing the top pouch was the sweet spot for us.

Discology OG V2 Comfort and Utility

The best disc golf bag under $100 would have to have great features along with massive disc storage. In our Discology OG V2 review, we found the bag to be both incredibly comfortable and it let us hold much more than just discs. For one, the Discology OG V2 is covered in padding, making rounds an absolute breeze. The padding is both breathable and extremely cushioned. 

Discology OG V2 Padding

Regarding utility, our OG V2 review found large amounts of extra space and intuitive design. For one, there are two putter pouches in the top compartment area and they’re relatively closed at the top and deep. We found that we were able to use one for putters perfectly and the other for a phone and any other items needed on the course. The depth and tight mouth of the pouches made us feel confident that anything in them would be secure. 

Side storage is also generally big on the Discology OG V2 and offers a lot of structure. Where some bags in the same price range tend to be floppy, the OG kept our things tight without sacrificing space. Another reason to consider this one of the best disc golf bags under $100 is that it’s got two large water bottle holders on the side. They’re slightly small but can fit a 32 oz Nalgene. 

Discology OG V2 Ratings

The Discology OG V2 in the Vice colorway is a winner. Our review found it to have a healthy amount of disc capacity, storage options, utility and it looks really, really cool. The OG V2 coming in at $89.99 with a one year guarantee is huge too! Here are a few reasons the Discology OG V2 might be one of the best disc golf bags under $100:

Here’s our breakdown of the OG V2 in Vice on a 1 – 10 scale. (10 being the best.)

Dollar Value: 9

Disc Storage: 7

General Storage: 6.5

Comfort and Quality: 7.5

Lightness: 8

Aesthetic Look: 9

Ease of Use: 7.5

Overall: 7.7

We’ll continue to test the Discology OG V2 and will update this bag review with long-term ratings.

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