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Upcoming Discs: The New Discmania DD

TL;DR: The PDGA approved the new Discmania DD on June 5th, 2023. The Discs original flight numbers when it was approved in 2008 were 11/5/0/2.

*Update: We tested the new Discmania DD. Read below for a quick review of the new 11 Speed distance driver and read about the Discmania DD’s flight path*

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Discmania DD Review

Discmania S-line DD

We finally got our hands on a new DD and it is a bomber! As tested, the new Discmania DD has a speed rating of 11/6/-3/2 and flies with more glide than most distance drivers. Thrown on hyzer, the DD will hold a long, distance line with low to medium-power and will flip up consistently, flying with turn when thrown hard. The Discmania DD’s flight path is most similar to a beat in Wraith or that of a slower Discraft Hades.

The feel of the S-line Discmania DD is soft and it fits nicely in the hand for backhands. The inner rim is slightly shallow and may not fit well in all players hands for forehands. We imagine in time, given the softness of the S-line plastic, the Discmania DD’s flight path will change greatly, making it a trusty understable distance driver or long distance roller!

Continue reading below for information from our article that was written pre-public release. There is a mix of speculation and a brief history on the Discmania DD.

PDGA Approved Discmania DD

On June 5th, 2023, Discmania received official approval from the PDGA for the new, reinvented DD. The Discmania DD was Discmania’s first distance driver they ever produced. It preceded all other “DD” molds like the DD2, DD3, DDX and so on. The DD has the flight numbers of 11/5/0/2, very similar to the new DD1 Discmania released in 2022, which has the flight numbers of 11/5/-1/2. 

PDGA Approved Discmania DD (New)

Discmania DD History 

The Discmania DD (Hysteria) was discontinued in 2019 along with a number of discs that fans are now willing to fight for or have never heard of (like the TDx and P3x.) The discs original purpose when it was approved in 2008 was to fit right above the PD (Freak) that had just came out before it. Following the discs release, Discmania didn’t produce another disc for almost two years until 2010 (MD2, TD, DD2 and PD2.) Discmania had this to say when the DD was released:

“…The Hysteria [DD] provides control with long distance. It offers great accuracy when throwing both hyzer and anhyzer shots. Steady, predictable glide is one of this discs key features.”

At the time of the DD’s approval in 2008, Discmania had produced the MD1, P1 and P2, CD and the PD. The CD was technically the original driver from Discmania and had the flight numbers of 10/5/-2/1, basically making it an understable, user friendly brother to the PD which came out the following year. The Discmania DD was an overstable 11 speed disc that some could perhaps call an Innova Wraith fighter. 

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Discmania DD Specifications (New vs. Old)


Max Weight: 176.0gr

Diameter: 21.2cm

Height: 1.7cm

Rim Depth: 1.1cm

Rim Thickness: 2.2cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 16.8cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%

Rim Configuration: 30.00

Flexibility: 8.98kg


Max Weight: 175.1gr

Diameter: 21.1cm

Height: 1.6cm

Rim Depth: 1.2cm

Rim Thickness: 2.2cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 16.7cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.7%

Rim Configuration: 30.25

Flexibility: 9.19kg

Discmania DD Flight Path

The Discmania DD was a reliably stable driver that faded hard when thrown on hyzer. The discs flight path was true to the 11/5/0/2 numbers and the disc was very overstable for many players. Thrown flat the DD was relatively straight but always fought to finish hard. Comparing this disc to the new DD1, players will like that while the two discs share the same speed, the DD has a reliably more overstable flight path. 

Discmania’s Plastic and New DD Speculation

Since moving operations to Sweden, Discmania has produced new plastics, similar to old Innova plastics but unique to the new manufacturing process in their Sweden plant. The C-line has been reliably more overstable for almost all discs that we’ve tested and the S-line plastic has produced straighter results for most discs (aside from the MD1, in our opinion, which is a touch more overstable than the C-line.) While the specifications for the new Discmania DD don’t match the old DD exactly, we’ll hope that the disc will continue to match its flight numbers and stay reliably overstable in the upcoming production run.


What was the first Discmania Disc?

The first Discmania disc ever produced was the MD1

Where is Discmania produced?

 Skellefteå, Sweden

What Driver Does Eagle McMahon Throw?

Eagle McMahon throws the Cloudbreaker, a version of the DD3 Cloudbreaker, his signature disc.

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