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Weird Disc Golf Discs

Disc golf is an interesting sport with interesting equipment. We throw a UFO shaped piece of plastic through parks, woods and abandoned golf courses into a metal basket dressed up in chains. One of things we love the most is being able to choose the discs we throw. In this article, Birdie Blog takes a look at the weird disc golf discs currently available. 

Disc List

  1. Kastaplast Berg
  2. Innova Alien and Sonic
  3. Latitude 64 Missilen
  4. Turbo Putt
  5. Aerobie Epic
  6. AGL Baobab and Reptilian Stego
  7. Elevation Disc Golf Silicone Discs

Kastaplast Berg

If you don’t know about the Kastaplast Berg yet, you need to. The Berg is the weird disc golf disc loved by both beginners and professionals for its reliable flight and weird shape. The Berg is a putt and approach disc that is very overstable. The disc is extremely concave and fits in the hand well for both forehands and backhands. This weird disc golf disc also has resale value similar to early model Sexton Firebirds too! First Edition Berg’s have reached over $2,000 in auction sites, like Dollar Disc Golf Auctions

Check out our article on the new Kastaplast Berg X, here!

Innova Alien and Sonic

The Sonic isn’t necessarily a weird disc golf disc, but compared to a normal disc like an Innova Aviar or Axiom Envy, the fastback top seems odd. Both the Innova Sonic and Alien are fit with the same multilevel ridged upper flight plate that give them a distinct look and feel. Where the Sonic flies like a frisbee, the Innova Alien flies further and is reliably more stable. 

Latitude 64 Missilen

Holding a Missilen in your hands is a confusing experience. For one, the Missilen fits the weird disc golf disc bill strictly off the fact that it’s a 15 speed driver. Yup, 3 speeds more than an Innova Destroyer. Next, the driver is fit with golf ball dimples on the rim to reduce drag during flight.

Turbo Putt

The Turbo Putt from Quest looks like a kid’s toy but we assure it’s not. The Turbo Putt is used specifically for the Turbo style of putting when one putts above their shoulder line, essentially throwing the disc at the basket. Based solely off looks and feel, this disc was an easy choice for this list.

Aerobie Epic

Yes, Aerobie makes a disc golf disc and yes it’s a really weird one. From above, the disc looks normal and in fact the simplicity of the logo even looks nice. From underneath, the disc looks like a manufacturing mistake. The disc is epicyclic, meaning the rim and weight are off center. You also are forced to bend the disc before every throw to determine its flight characteristics. Yeah, this might be the weirdest disc golf disc ever. 

AGL Baobab and Reptilian Stego

Don’t let these disc’s adorable designs fool you, these two are monsters. Frankenstein’s if you will. These two mega overstable putters come from the same upper mold with slight differences on the bottom (Stego has a bead, Baobab does not.) Definitely gimmick discs, they do serve some purpose, we’re just not sure what that is yet. 

Elevation Discs

When Elevation joined the disc golf scene a few years ago, we’re not sure anyone knew the impact their weird discs would have on the amateur community. Having the ability to throw a disc and be confident it wouldn’t roll away was one thing but to be able to do that with a disc you could ball up in your fist to throw was another. Created by an engineer and former Biotech scientist, Elevation Discs brought weird disc golf discs to the forefront of the sport, making floppy discs fun to throw. 

Do you currently bag any of these weird discs? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram! 


Is the Turbo Putter PDGA Approved?

No, unfortunately the Turbo Putt from Quest is not approved for use during PDGA sanctioned rounds.

What Makes a Disc Illegal in Disc Golf?

According to the PDGA Rule Book, a cracked disc or one with a hole in it makes it illegal to use during sanctioned rounds.

Do Heavier Discs Fly Farther?

No. In fact, lighter discs will fly farther than heavier discs due to their weight and the fact that essentially, players can throw them faster.

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